Ole Miss gets great win at Syracuse...

where UVA and Duke lost. That’s a good road win for the SEC. Ole Miss winning at Monmouth was no trivial matter either. Beating them twice late in the season was a more significant accomplishment than many realized. Ole Miss is an NCAAT-quality team.

There backcourt is very good with Burnett, Davis, Tyree and Neal. All of those can shoot it and the first 3 are “blurs”. All 4 return next year. They are average upfront and may have a hard time replacing Saiz (IDK what they have coming in next year).

Ole Miss did not have a signature win this season! They were just as deserving of a bid to the dance as many other schools such as Kansas State! I think it was Baylor they had a lead aginst late in the SEC / Big 12 challenge and failed to get the win. That cost them the Dance by itself.
Next year the SEC as a whole must get wins in the nonconference schedule to get the respect nationally that’s what it takes to get 6 or 7 teams in the DANCE.
I expect Texas A&M, Miss State and Auburn to be much improved next year.
Ole Miss had the record just not a signature non conference win.
Texas A&M had the same type of a year as we had last year losing close games.
Auburn just simply did not learn to close.
Miss State just never put it together on both ends of the floor.
I may be wrong but I believe the SEC should get 7 teams in the Dance next year.

That’s the very reason I didn’t want to play O’Missy in the SEC tournament. We got by but barley.

As stated find an inside guy and Taxi cab boy will have a pretty salty team.

Their guards were awesome at Syracuse. They just went over the Syracuse zone from the arc.

Pat Bradley says rebelious ones should get to the Gahhden.