Ole Miss game

Yeah exactly what I thought

Good to see Notae get back in the groove!

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Good solid win tonight, will have to bring our A+ game to win Sat

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Dude loves Auburn…

Good. I hope everyone loves Auburn. It will make our wins look even better.

Yep we need Auburn in the NET top 75. Also need to beat Okie Lite. I will not be surprised to see us double Cunningham to make him give up the rock.

Nice that we can win comfortably when Moses is a nonfactor.

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Honestly, I hope Auburn beats Baylor, although I know there is a better chance that I secretly won the lottery last week. It was refreshing, however, to hear that Florida losing at home to Kentucky was a quad 3 loss. My, how the mighty have fallen, lol. I hope Texas grinds Kentucky into dust, and ESPN has egg on their face putting a sorry 5-10 Kentucky team in a, stupidly hyped, prime time match-up.

Kentucky losing hurts SEC image nationally. You should hope UK beats Texas instead.

Personally, The only SEC conference team I care about is the Hogs. I never pulled for any of the others to win in any sport.

Better just hope we beat Kentucky, so it doesn’t hurt us nationally. If they beat Texas first good, if not so be it.

I won’t loose any sleep if Kentucky and grease ball “Cal” never win another game! You can put Auburn and LSU on that category as well!
Our Hogs are my team.

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Not gonna happen ever.


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