Ole Miss game

Only 4.5 point favorite. Vegas expecting a tough lower scoring game.

OM is a very good defensive team and we will have to shoot the ball well or it’s going to be down to the wire

OM D is confusing us…

Way to go Devo. What a lift.

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Defense is very active tonight so far, passing the ball well on offense, looking very sharp.

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Nice D Moses…

Playing well on both ends, really like our energy. WPS

Ole Miss is hitting some really tough mid range shots or we would be up 15.

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Our straight man-to-man defense is killing them the only good shots they have gotten is when we have been trying to trap which has led to a lot of open shots

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OM D making us dribble a lot.

Does anyone else notice how much Ole Miss’ coach is fully on the court while the game is being played in front of him. I keep waiting for a player to trip over him.

They are putting pressuring on us, but I’ve always thought that we like to check the pressure in the ball by dribbling to much. WPS

I think they’re just being careful, Ole Miss really steps in the passing Lane very well, they’re just making sure the pass is going to be open before they actually pass it. Why we really haven’t turned it over that much

Move the ball! get a good shot!we don’t have to rush.

Moses is playing terrible tonite.

Way to go Connor! What I’m talking about!

One of those freshmen nights, luckily we are playing great team ball so far tonight. WPS

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Connor playing well…


We need to shut the door on these guys, a little sloppy the last couple minutes. WPS

I don’t know how this idiot announcer can put Auburn in the best 5 teams in the league when we’ve beat them twice…the last time with the “all world” Cooper. It’s ridiculous and insulting. I get so sick of this crap.

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