Ole Miss game time announced


Are the minimum attendance numbers for WMS Tied to actual butts on the seats or tickets sold?

Wow, Nite game in LR. Lot of memories. :sunglasses:

Tickets sold.

This will be the first Saturday night SEC game at War Memorial since 1999.

Dang that’s crazy - I know some ended in darkness ( LSU 2010 comes to mind), but did not realize it’s been that long since an SEC game kicked off at night.

We’ll be 1-5 and everyone is frustrated, but it would be nice if fans would rally around these kids and create a fantastic throwback atmosphere.

Should be a great atmosphere. I like it.

There have been eight night SEC games at War Memorial. The last night SEC game was against South Carolina in 2003, but that was on a Thursday. With one exception, all of the others were clustered between 1995-99.

I was at that South Carolina game and it was a raucous crowd, Thursday night had the hog fans feeling feisty, plus we played good defense and had a qb named Matt Jones. Man time sure does fly, 15 years ago.