Ole Miss gained 703 yards

Which is merely proof that stats are for losers.




We quit trying to score too early, but we won. It made my year to beat Ole Miss.


A lot of those yards were garbage time. We let off the gas pretty early. Agree stats dont tell the tale. Awesome game!


Two 200-yard rushers in one game is pretty wild.

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True enough, but I could have done without a few of those 60-yard runs

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They just said there were three 200-yard rushers. I think it’s Evans from OM was the other. Thinking that’s a first in SEC game.

3 200 years rushers.

The stats I was looking at were way off. They had Judkins with 149 or something.

I’m not sure OM has been around that long but I can totally see them pulling this!/s

Yes, and their coach and fans are using them to try and characterize the game as something it was not—competitive.

We could have hung 70 on them and Rocket could have gotten the SEC single-game rushing record.

It was an absolute beat down.


Ole Miss had 89 plays to our 65. Our defense was solid for 3 quarters. They gave up some big plays and lots of yards, but held when they needed to. As Coach Pittman said at the end, he took his foot off the gas too soon. I’m not sure I saw a lot of substituting, but you could tell the defensive intensity wasn’t the same toward the end, and didn’t need to be. 42-6 at the end of 3 quarters pretty much told everyone that the outcome was not in doubt. WPS.

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Sam called off the dogs too early. He doesn’t know how bad we hate the Rebels. He won’t make that mistake again, I don’t believe. I got a little uncomfortable late in the game. I think Sam did, too.

How do you give up over 700 yards and beat a team soundly? Bizarre isn’t it?

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It kinda reminded me about what happened against Bama, which also ran wild in the fourth quarter. Difference was, we weren’t ahead 42-6 against Bama.

I understood slowing down the tempo with the big lead, but Briles backed off on the playcalls too.

Championship teams do not ‘take their foot off the pedal’. I hope CSP/Odom learns this. Giving up 700 yds., nearly 300 in the last qtr. is awful. Wish we would have scored a touchdown with 1 second left on the game clock

If it was up to me, I would have laid at least 60 on the Rebs.

That’s not even the most yards allowed in a CFB win this month. SMU gave up 710 to Houston two weeks ago and still won.

It did set our school record for most yards allowed in a win, though.

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I think everyone sees the worth of KJ. I do not think him taking shots in the fourth was worth the risk of not having him against Missouri.


This^^^. I would imagine that once we were up 42-6 the inclination was 1. run KJ less, if not at all, and 2. limit his throws. That shoulder is clearly better. But there’s no way its 100%. Jeff, you’re the PA. Am I right? No way the shoulder is “back to normal” yet, correct?

I don’t know exactly what the injury is/was, so no way for me to say.