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I have seen the move “The Blind Side” long ago. What an inspiring movie and good work some people do like Leigh Anne & Sean Tuohy to adopt and look after a kid in bad family situation. Interestingly Hugh Freeze was his coach in Briarcrest Christian school Memphis. After college signing day, Hughes was hired by OM as Assistant Athletic Director for External Affairs. A year later promoted to Tight End and Receiver Coach. After 3 years with Oher, he took a job in a NAIA school, Lambuth University, then to ASU, and Ole Miss. First year’s 2012, OM’s recruiting class was 41st, second year 7th nationally with 9 four star players, and 3 five star players Laremy Tonsil, Lake City FL, Robert Nkemdiche, Longville GA, and Laquon Treadwell, Crete, Ill. Now NCAA investigation last few years, 8 additional allegations, further self-imposed sanctions and statement of challenge to all charges. I am interested to know what you guys think? My thoughts: Other than the Oher’s story, the rest stinks.

Agree with your assessment.

Yes. Ole Miss will deserve whatever penalty they receive. I think the self-imposed one year bowl ban will ultimately be judged as too light. Plus I think Freeze will be suspended which will ultimately result in his losing the head coaching job.

Yea, but "The Blind Side " is partially built upon a lie. Michael O. could always play ball according to his on words based upon an interview I saw with him. The interviewer asked him what, if anything was not accurate in the movie. Michael said “I could always play” So while the Tuoey’s did a great thing by brining him in to their home, I believe there was a hidden agenda. The movie lost quiet a bit for me when I saw that interview. Just they way I see it.

Leigh Anne and Sean Touhy’s were OM grads. That might be the reference to hidden agenda.

I tend to agree here.

Sean Tuohy was a basketball player, played PG for Ole Miss. I saw him play. Was he enough of a judge of football talent to know that this big kid was college level, much less that he was good enough to play in the SEC and NFL? Maybe he did, maybe he talked to Memphis area coaches who told him this kid would be really good. But I’m dubious. I don’t know that I would bring some street kid into my home no matter (a) how wealthy I was or (b) how good a recruit he might turn out to be.

I did a little reading on Michael Oher to see if we can connect some dots. This is the relevant info that I learned. He excelled as football player in Junior High. He was taken in by Tuohy’s at age 16. As a senior he was recognized as the top football prospect in the State of TN. He chose OM over offers from TN, LSU, AL, NC St. and others. What I draw from this…Tuohy’s knew he was going to be a quality division one player, but how good remain to be seen. Their steering him to OM, may draw up an eyebrow, but is neither unethical or illegal. Nothing wrong was done. the alleged rule breakings took place long after he was gone under Freeze.

Good research. The movie portrays Michael O to be just a big kid, with no football experience. Thus my comment that the movie is partly based upon a lie. If he didn’t play, would they have taken him in? I wonder.

Yes, he could play. If he didn’t, I doubt if the Tuohy’s would have taken him in. But it does make for a good story and movie.

I saw the movie so long ago that I do not have any impression as how he was portrayed. But after looking at his accomplishments, I can’t see how they could do that:
2004 - In high School, he was chosen as 1st team All-American by USA Today and played in U.S. Army All-American Bowl.
2005 - In OM, First team Freshman All-American by The Sporting News & First team All-SEC
2006 - Second Team All-SEC. Also Michael Lewis wrote the book “The Blind Side”
2007 - First Team All-SEC
2008 - First Team All-SEC. Also First Team All-American by The Associated Press
2009 - Drafted by Baltimore Ravens 23rd overall. Started 16 games and reached the Playoffs. This is the year the movie came out.
2012-13 - Ravens made it to Super Bowl XLVII(47) vs 49ers. Won 34-31
2014 - As Free Agent he was recruited by Cam Newton to Carolina Panthers. Later they went to Super Bowl 50

parents of other Briarcrest kids & football players weren’t fond of Freeze because he covered up stuff while he was there including stolen laptops while Oher was there

Well that is certainly interesting. Are you insinuating that Oher had something to do with the the stolen laptops? Based on the NCAA allegations, he’s now in serious trouble and his coaching career maybe be over. What goes around comes around.