Ole Miss @ Florida.

Down 3 Allen hits a 3 gets by with using his arm to clear out and create space to send the game to OT. From there Florida wins a close one. With under 10 seconds up 3 I foul period.

Why did Ole Miss not guard the inbound and then why not foul? A real head scratcher. Bad coaching move imo.

At least guard the inbounds pass and pressure can king up the floor.

100% agree with this. Every time.

Allen made a couple of game saving plays.
Diving & saving the ball from going out of bounds.
Maybe should have fouled Allen on that shot, but that was an incredible shot he made from near the sideline. Even him pushing off and stepping back from that point, odds of making it aren’t in the shooters favor and the defender still got a hand in his face.

Even you said it after pushing off! He should have been called for the push off and the shot should have never counted.
That’s the difference in the rules and when they are applied to game. Just like the screw job the refs gave our hogs 2 years ago in the dance when N Carolina walked and charged with no whistle before the put back that beat our hogs. Just plain and simple!

I think I recall a Florida game where they shot 30 something FT’s and we shot in the lower dbl digits. But that FT margin has been lopsided against us a few times. In fact I believe we have had refs who were alumni of the school we were playing.

I hate Fla, but I just have a hard time getting upset when OM gets screwed out of a win. I really like it when OM loses.

Florida next few games
Feb2 @ Kentucky
Feb 5 @ Auburn
Feb 9 @ Tennessee
How’s that for a 3 game stretch. They may win 1 of the 3. If they do win 1 I hope it’s Auburn.