Ole miss flips 2 more

Seriously what is going on. They have to be paying people again. Who in their right mind would want to go there right now?

Believe it or not, 18 year olds don’t view the world as us old guys. OM has most beautiful campus in SEC. Also, the scenery in The Grove is second to none if you know what I mean. I live in MS but my son went to UA. He told me "the best looking girl he saw at UA was from Jackson, MS. Born and raised a Hog fan and always will be but the truth is the truth.

A Texas HS coach said he would like to retire in Oxford. Loves it.

1 Coach out of 250 possible coaches…not bad.

The geography in Fayetteville is MUCH prettier than Oxford, but the SCENERY is nicer in Oxford. My buddy always tells me to wear “good shades”. Recruiting in the SEC seems more fluid this year and I believe all the coaching changes have contributed to that.

They will never quit cheating. That culture will always be strong at OM and AU. Bama too but they are exempt from everything. ghg

NCAA certainly views them in that fashion. I think Ole Piss is gonna hire some legal guns and contest this. Not sure why. I think a certain part of it is that we are envious they get hammered and still bring in better talent than us…