Ole Miss feels like they let this one slip away

but what I watched is totally different. The Hogs led for most of the game and dominated the time of possession (as expected). The Rebs scored 10 unanswered points and that hurt but in no way do I think they let this one slip away. I felt very confident as long as we stayed within 1 possession score. Typical Ole Pissy arrogance.

I agree they were ahead for a short amount of time they hardly dominated

And right on cue Kelly has critical TO to seal the deal …he is talented but turnover prone

With our fg’s in lieu of td’s they were darn lucky to even be in the game late. In fact, on their message boards it is abundantly clear that fans don’t feel like their coach.

if Curles hadn’t hosed us to end the half, we could have scored then.

Pulley’s pick 6 that he dropped.

INT didn’t count due to lining up off sides

red zone backwards fumble/kick for -24 yards

miss wide open 3 in 4th quarter would have been touchdown

so I don’t think Ole Mrs let anything “slip away”. I think they were lucky the game was close!


You point to some areas that could get this team in a position to win games and dominate

We have seen it to often critical plays shifting what looks like a chance to pull away to ending up close or losing

Coach B keeps grinding getting that cleaned up and watch out this team has great potential to finish up with huge respect in a tough tough division