Ole Miss fans

are crying so much.

You hate to see it.

For my money, they’re the worst in the league.


The award for the worst fans goes in this order

  1. Bama
    2… Texas A&M
  2. Auburn
  3. Tennessee
  4. Ole Miss.

Those top 4 in my opinion are more deserving than Ole Miss. I don’t like any of them.

The worst are those that don’t show up. I’d include Missouri.


In part why so many Arkansas & LSU fans want to renew that Thanksgiving weekend game. Let Missouri play OU while aTm & ut renew their Thanksgiving tradition.

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I sit next to the visiting fan section. The biggest jerks I have had to deal with the last two years (that is a long as I have had these seats) was LSU last week. TOTAL JERKS, TOTAL.


LSU fans are the worst. Just crude…even the kids. i went to a game in Baton Rouge, but did not wear red. I knew it might cause me a problem. They like to party, but they go too far.


I agree that LSU fans are the biggest jerks. They are crude, smell like corn dogs, drunk at 10 am for an 11 am kick-off, will use the worst language possible in the middle of ladies, children, grandparents, etc., get in your face before, during and after the game, lack of civility in every sense of the word. Other than that…they’re pretty good folks.

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In my experience, which would include attendance at 300+ Razorback football games, the fans of Louisiana State are the worst and it’s a long way to second place.

At the Miracle on Markham there was a particularly foul-mouthed Tiger fan sitting behind us who spent the entire game belittling all things Arkansas. When Birmingham caught the climactic TD pass with seconds remaining, I turned to get his reaction, only to get a glimpse of his back as he ran up the aisle in his escape. This was representative of many other Tiger fans I have witnessed over the years.


I used to sit across the aisle from the visiting fans in WMS so I saw just about the full gamut. LSU people were bad. When Mississippi State’s team is good, their fans are awful; when they return to sucking, their fans are much less belligerent except for the damn cowbells. Alabama fans may still be the worst though.

I have been to a lot of Hog games over the years. This years LSU game was the first time I ever came close to getting into an actual brawl. Some LSU fans threw beer on us after the final play. The only reason I am not in jail now is because I didn’t want to set a bad example in front of my 17 year old son. I wanted to drop kick the one LSU fan right over the edge but I resisted the urge. The north end zone is becoming a horrible place to sit due to the free alcohol. I’ve had several issues this year with Hog fans.

I had a similar situation this year with LSU. I have never, ever, come close to a physical altercation, until this year’s LSU game.

I echo the sentiments about LSU fans. I know there are exceptions to every rule (and i work with one) but after a couple of games down there and dealing with them in AR as well, i found myself thinking long ago, they’re not just bad fans, they’re bad people. :wink: