Ole Miss Fans Upset w Refs Too

http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basket … l-vols-win

as the end of the Kentucky game.

But I’m always glad to see SEC refs pelted with trash, lol


No doubt an unusual way to end a ball game, but with all due respect to any upset Ole Miss fan that was clearly a risky, but great play by Admiral Schofield.
Anyone that doesn’t clearly see that was a charge has no idea what they are talking about.

Go Hogs!

It wasn’t just the charge. Yes, it was a charge and a good call, but there were questionable calls that went Tennessee’s way and questionable non-calls that should have favored Ole Miss.

I watched the last few minutes of that game. No question it was a charge. Kermit set off the fans with his reaction. Throwing stuff on the floor is a really bad look for them. I was rooting for the Vols.

This worries me. A makeup call may be on the way on Saturday in BWA.

Let’s not kid ourselves, the SEC is a business and they aren’t going to allow at this point in the season to allow UT and UK to have upset losses and put in jeapordy those two representing the conference with less than a #1 and #2 seed in the NCAA Tournament.
I realize that sounds like a conspiracy theory, but I’m sorry that’s the state of NCAA athletics thes days. The top tier teams continue to get most of the 50/50 calls as well as some truly horrible calls or no calls to help their cause during games.
If they lose a game at this point it will have to be a no doubter of a game by their opponent.

Go Hogs!

If the player makes his free throws & gives them a 3 point lead, Old Piss’s chances to pull off the upset, goes way up. But, he didn’t, and Tenn only had to go for 2…that made it a lot easier. Teams need to take care of business throughout the whole game & then the last second crap calls don’t matter. Too much whining about the refs by all teams, on close losses…#EVERYPOSSESSIONCOUNTS.

I watched the whole game. The refs were bad but at crunch time Tenn got the calls.
Ole miss missed the front end of a one and one that cost them the game.
Schofield made a good but risky play.

Just like the hogs make free throws.

Reminds me of a game from LONG ago.
Hogs vs AM at Barnhill
Score tied
AM comes down court and at the buzzer throws up a near half court shot, but the guy plows over US Reed in the process. Refs called the offensive foul. Reed goes to the line by himself (time had expired on the play)
He misses the first FT, but made the second to win the game. I thought Shelby Medcalf was literally going to either stroke or cry himself to death.

Must have been about 1980?