Ole Miss "Explanation"

Chevin Calloway says Hugh Freeze has an interesting way to describe the penalties Ole Miss is facing. Believe Freeze’s comparison is lacking to say the least.

http://www.sbnation.com/college-footbal … tion-jesus

Interesting article. Was not aware that the investigation dated back to before OM receiving the NOA on 1/31/2016. The kid seems to have a “like” for Bucky’s “religious side”… Hope we get him. OM is gonna sink to the BOTTOM, but Bucky is relentless, I’ll give him that!!!

Hugh Freeze is a scum bag.

They cannot sink too low to suite me, and to campare yourself to Jesus on something like this? How can you do that with a straight face?

we really need this kid. Don’t like the horns in this thing with new coach and all, but that is what we pay the coaches to do. Go get the guys we need and we need defenders that can move and tackle.

This is the problem with Arkansas fans. They only know what’s going on with their team. How did you not know this? I mean you know who their assistant coaches are but not this?!

I would venture to say you could say the same about many other schools.