Ole Miss defense

I mentioned in another thread how bad I think its defense is. Here is a breakdown of what teams have done in 35 possessions against the Rebels this year:

Touchdowns: 21
Made Field Goals: 3
Missed Field Goals: 1
Turnovers: 4 (includes 1 on downs)
Punts: 5
End of Half: 1

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Thank-you Matt for the insight.


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Cool info! Do you have the same info for their offensive production?

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Ole Miss offense:

Possessions: 38
Touchdowns: 17
Made Field Goals: 2
Missed Field Goals: 1
Turnovers: 3 (includes 2 on downs)
Punts: 10
End of Half: 5


Arkansas defense:

Possessions: 41
Touchdowns: 7
Made Field Goals: 5
Missed Field Goals: 1
Turnovers: 9 (includes 3 on downs and 1 fumbled punt return)
Punts: 17
End of Half: 2

Arkansas offense:

Possessions: 42
Touchdowns: 7
Made Field Goals: 2
Turnovers: 6 (includes 1 on downs and 1 INT returned for TD)
Punts: 23 (includes 2 blocked and 1 blocked for touchdown)
Safety: 1
End of Half: 3


Given those statistics and the teams that were doing the scoring, how much of that is the power of the offenses they faced vs. the weakness of their defense?

Does Arkansas’s offense match up to the offenses of Bama and the others?

Perhaps not with Bama, but maybe UK…which went to OT versus Ole Miss and lost by 2 scores to Auburn,
Rather, what I have seen over the past 3 weeks is the Hog offense getting significantly better than they started.

As crazy as this season has been this season I can’t figure out much in how teams match on any given Saturday. Another week or two we should have a handle on who is the real deal and who’s gimmicks are just that. We may be a pretty solid team if we could get healthy and continue to build confidence along the way, we have several young guys playing exceptionally well. We also have fourth year players that are showing that they hadn’t been coached up until CSP arrived and now are difference makers. WPS

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So teams have scored against OM 69% of the time. OM scores 50% of the time.

Our defense only allows the other team to score 32% of the time. Our offense only scores 21% of the time.

We have definitely improved our offensive performance. Can we keep it up? The stats seem to suggest that we will. But can our D stop that O? All in all, the line this week looks pretty correct. That means it will come down to turnovers and special teams, right? I can’t say that gives me the warm fuzzies.

Matt, the numbers that scare me are the ones where their O has 17 touchdowns and we only have 7. Arrrggghhh…

I guess on the flip side it might scare Ole Miss that they are keeping teams from scoring on 31% of drives and Arkansas is keeping teams from scoring on 71% of drives.

I think the fact that Arkansas has shown it can play defense is getting overlooked this week. Ole Miss can score, no doubt, but it has to prove it can stop somebody. That’s why I picked Arkansas to win.

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Matt, I love how our D has been playing…soooo improved. But, in reality, do we have a player on D who would be a sure fire starter at Bama? People are criticizing Bama’s D. I’m not, I’m praising ole Miss’s offense.

Uh, Mr. Cody, so you are ruling out that it could come down to the officiating (again)? (Note that though I struggled, I could not decide whether to end with a smiley face or a really mad one.)

TYSM for the info - Looks like Arkansas being a 10 TD’s behind Ole Miss at this point makes me concerned - However, I think Arkansas Offence really started to click in the Auburn game (other than the 1st Qrt) now got to see If the razorbacks can continue tto improve its offensive series

You know, I bet we get a few calls or no calls to make up for last week.

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