Ole Miss defense much improved too

held Bama to 317 total yds yesterday and only 108 rushing.Bama just really couldn’t block them. they are very aggressive and very quick.Run the same 3-2-6 we do so there won’t be many passing lanes,they were really soft against the run early but not any more.they like to bring pressure off the edge with the their DB’s and that’s presents problems running and pass blocking …we will have our hands full it looks like.

If KJ can’t play or is badly hampered, it could be ugly for us.

Yeah I agree… There was a time I thought we could outscore them and with a 100% healthy KJ I think we still probably could but without him it’s going to be really tough because their offense is a lot better than Liberty and LSU’s and will be tougher for us to stop

Alabama has really struggled to run the football in recent weeks.

114 against Tennessee
29 against MSU
137 against LSU
108 yesterday

It’s been surprising to see them largely abandon the run in some of these games.

That is true, this is not one of their better offensive lines for sure but Ole Miss was really weak against a run earlier I was surprised they were able to hold them to 108

Me too, but I think Gibbs must have gotten injured. Only played early in the game and he’s their best back by far.

Yeah I had a Birthday party to go to so I really didn’t catch a whole lot of the game,just looked at the stats and was blown away by the 317 total yards .
I saw on YouTube of all the offensive plays they ran against ole Miss’s defense and they were having a hard time blocking them.
There was not many running Lanes and they were all over Young. They have improved quite a bit but so have we.

They’re offense will be a lot more challenging for us than the last two weeks but I’m very proud of our progress on defense

Watch out for WR Mingo…is a hoss!

This will be the best offense we have faced… combination of very good offensive line, good running backs, capable quarterback who can run or throw,excellent receivers, and extremely fast tempo make them very hard to stop… the quarterback can throw the ball very well but at times will make some really bad decisions with the ball hopefully we can get a couple of pics