Ole Miss Coaching job

I see Ex Texas coach has indeed interviewed at Ole Miss (Twitter).

I’m thinking his girlfriend was not with him for the interview…. :wink:


Good call, unless she was in Groove working on her suntan.

It’s time for a new girlfriend and a new beginning. I was afraid he would wind up in Oxford. They will be good in a hurry if they hire him.

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That is the standard in the SEC, winning regardless of the direction a moral compass would take them.


Yep.I know Kermit Davis and his wife Betty. Mighty fine people. Mighty fine people gotta win too. If they don’t, it’s next man up, and character isn’t that high on the list of priorities the school will be looking for.

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Oh I bet she was. She has a few million reasons to ignore that night, and seems to have gotten over it very quickly, saying nothing really happened, etc.

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yep, and I can imagine OM wanting to interview her to feel out that situation as well.

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Great. Another scumbag coach coach coming into the league. I know nothing is set in stone yet, but you gotta believe Beard is the front runner.

This time OM may want Beard to finalize the pre-nup agreement with the girlfriend “prior” to him accepting the OM job so as to not have a repeat of the Austin incident.

Will be interesting if & when OM plays ut in Austin with Beard as their HC.

Perhaps now 2 morally deficient coaches at OM, Kiffin & Beard.

Three. You forget Bianco.

And I’m not entirely sure about Coach Yo.


Ole Miss is Ole Miss aka Absalom! Absalom!

They continue in their long tradition of trying to put Grecian Columns on a Kudzu-covered Double Wide…their attempts to return to the Johnny Vaught heyday of football remain dubious with their hirings of variations of midway hucksters’; they now seemed directed toward the same end for basketball with this talk of Beard. Can they not see the similarities between Beard and the procession of Nutt, Freeze, and Kiffin? Likely, Kudzu allows a level of denial while sitting in a new, but largely empty Pavillion arena. Even if they might recognize the inherent risk in such hires, as with Faukner’s acknowledgment of the origin of Southern guilt, they are lacking in true insight for ending their looping of this poor decision-making process.

Prediction: They will hire Beard and plant more Kudzu to hide the continued deterioration of their columns.


If I was an athletic director looking for a basketball coach I would call beard too.

If our job was open and he was available I would hope that hunter would interview him with hopes of hiring him.

Not about choirboys but winning. Even dabo knows that.

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Kudo for word of the day. I can still see that stuff growing on everything in it’s path.

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We always called Kudzu the plant that ate Mississippi. It still has a way to go…

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Mississippi took the position without fully realizing the consequences that covering eroded right-aways with Kudzu would be more attractive than the visually unattractive barren red clay of the State’s roadways of the 40’s and 50’s. Before I 55 driving US 61 was solid Kudzu from Memphis to Natchez and likely South with US 270, 49 and 82 going East in the same green carpet covering both the ground and every utility poles and lines. I am fairly certain the highway checkpoint going west strived to keep the Kudzu on east side of the Mississippi.

Alcohol and Managing Vocational Stress is not a combination needed in top tier programs - Texas Tech maybe. Even at Ole Miss is sounds a little desperate.

There is kudzu all over Crowley’s Ridge. It’s not limited to east of the Mississippi

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Funny kudzu story: We have a good deal of kudzu here in Chattanooga. Just off a road going up to Lookout Mountain they had a large area of ugly kudzu. Someone had the bright idea of tying up goats in the middle of that to eat away the kudzu. Apparently they loved the stuff. One of my co-workers lived on Lookout. One day his teenage son was heading up the mountain and saw the local NBC affiliate filming the goats. The kid stops and tells the crew he’s Professor John Chomp from UT Chattanooga and is a well known goat expert. The crew decides to interview the kid (AKA Professor John Chomp). The kid makes up a big story about the goats breed and all kinds of nonsense. The TV folks ate it up and aired the interview on the news that night. My friend started getting calls from folks about his son’s prank so we went to the website and sure enough they had posted the interview. This kid went to a well known private school here McCallie which has a strict honor code. When the school found out they made the kid go to the station and confess and almost expelled him. If you have kudzu buy goats!


Yeah, winning is important, but I do draw the line at coaches who try to murder their girlfriends. Or hire coaches who recruit murderers.