Ole Miss cancelled their game at

Arkansas State this week. I assume they don’t want their RPI to take a hit.

A&M did something similar week.

Nothing to gain and everything to lose. WHY do this? You win, you still lose, you lose, it is a double whammy. DUMB.

Several teams have done this in the last couple of weeks.

this is a problem the NCAA has got to address. It might make strategic sense, but it’s a very bad thing for college baseball. A&M started this crap & other teams have said, “hey, our bad nc opponent will hurt our RPI, too. Let’s cancel.”

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Hope they had to pay a high price for canceling……

DVH, missed the RPI impact on playing UAPB, UCA, UALR, and Arkansas State plus playing and losing to Missouri State. Playing each once but no way multiple times plus Grambling. He is going to need to upgrade the schedule next year with home and home with the likes of a Tulsa, Memphis, or Dallas Baptist.

Texas, TCU and Oklahoma State on Opening Weekend should be an RPI feast in 2023, especially if Arkansas wins the games.

I also think Louisiana Tech might be back on the schedule next year. I think Lane Burroughs told me last year that it had been discussed.

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That will work real well as soon as Tulsa has a baseball team. They dropped the sport 42 years ago.

And Memphis’ RPI is 16 spots below UALR and 20 spots below UCA. Real upgrade there.

It’s not an easy thing to find midweek games that can be played at Baum Stadium after league play starts. It’s the very reason Van Horn wanted to play in-state teams. I’ve heard the reasoning: it is good for in-state baseball. It would be if the in-state teams were decent. But no, they are bad. And that’s bad for the Hogs to play them. We all get that now.


Heck, Jeff you correctly point out the absence of Tulsa as an opponent but then scheduling non-fielding Tulsa is only barely worst than scheduling UAPB. I will only say the RPI is problematic now and is only going to become more problematic.

I agree we need to upgrade the non-conference schedule. I think DVH has said as much. However, as Swine pointed out, it’s easier said than done. Teams you mention might have a higher profile, but not necessarily a higher RPI. To a large extent, it’s a crap shoot on how strong your opponent might be.

It’s clear that Van Horn intends to deal with this issue. I am told that the decision has been made to schedule fewer in-state games. That’s about the only solution. Of course, the real outcome of this season is yet to be determined. It may yet work out just fine. May is not over.

Seems like an easy fix. If you cancel a game for no legitimate reason (medical or something), but rather to avoid a hit to RPI, it’s a forfeit.

If a football team is undefeated and ranked in the top four, they can’t just skip their conference title game to maintain their ranking/position. It would be a forfeit and the consequences that entails. Don’t know why they couldn’t do the same in baseball.

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I think a reduction in games against in-state teams might lead to more midweek games early in the season when teams are more willing to travel.

We haven’t seen a lot of midweek games in February or early March since the games against in-state teams started.

Boy that is a Catch-22. Those early season games are played, usually, in cold, bad weather.

I don’t like playing ASU, UCA, UALR and UAPB, but I don’t like watching baseball in 40 degrees (or less!) either.

How much whining do we expect from Jonesboro? Adds fuel to the fire on my stance of not playing any in state games.


There are better regional teams we could schedule. Home and home with ORU, a two-hour bus ride (closer than Conway or Little Rock, not to mention Pine Bluff and Jonesboro). OU. OSU. Dallas Baptist. Norman is closer than Jonesboro and Stillwater is closer than Little Rock or Pine Bluff. We’re already playing Misery State, which is not what it once was (you wonder how Keith Guttin got all that talent to Springfield, starting with Ryan Howard).

Heck if you’re gonna schedule DBU might as well schedule TCU too (SMU shut down baseball at the same time Tulsa did, 1980).

It looks like future schedules will reflect some of those games suggested.

Talking about Tulsa and SMU dropping baseball prompted me to try to find a list of D-1 schools that don’t have baseball. I’m not sure how accurate it is, but there’s a list on Wikipedia. Some interesting names, many of them dealing with cold weather (there are 56 schools on the Wiki list)

Boise State (dropped for the second time in 2020)
Colorado State (no wonder DVH recruited Denver heavily for a while)
Iowa State
UM-Kansas City
North Texas

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Looking at the thread it occurs to me that an early season instate 5 team tournament might be a possibility, at least so far as meeting the intention of supporting instate programs, This might take two or three days depending on the format and might occur over a two week period in NLR and Fayetteville. The Razorbacks would play the highest-ranked team as their first opponent, followed by the winner emerging from the play of the remainig three. An additional possibility for promoting interest might be a rotation of in-state softball games concurrently with a similar schedule (where applicable). Just a thought more than a solution,