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They are confident. The theme is we haven’t scored a touchdown now in six quarters. And they know they can score.

On another front, they don’t like the 3-3-5 defense they run. Say we could run on them like Bama did.

Sounds familiar

They are exactly right we haven’t scored in 6 qtrs and that’s concerning,we are pretty much a big play team,if you can keep from giving that up we stop ourselves most of the time…We better find about 30 pts somehow if we plan on winning.

KJ was hurt in the last two quarters of the A&M game. And the last 4 quarters of the Georgia game we played Georgia, not Ole Miss.


I totally agree about Playing Ga,nobody going to do much with them but we got to our swagger back and that starts in our head,hopefully we aren’t down on ourselves after being humiliated last week…We HAVE to get out of the gates quick this week,can’t fall behind quick and look all out of sync and let the crowd get into and let them smell blood,they will go crazy…I think we will try to ground and pound them and play keep away from that Offense but we have to finish in the Red zone and we have not been good there,can’t settle for FG and beat OM


I look for KJ to have breakout game. Oxford is close to home and his running should be big factor. Burks will bounce back too. Defense needs their relentless effort from get go.


I’d forgotten he is from very close by. Hope that inspires great play. I know OM has gotten great performances out of the Arkansas basketball players on its roster over the years.


Yeah he’s from North panola which is right up there by Ole Miss… he will have a lot of people at this game.

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I’m not sure KJ or Burks were very near 100% Saturday. Didn’t see the usual burst from either one. I’m guessing 80% KJ and Burks are still better than the alternative. Hopefully, they’ll be much closer to 100% this Saturday.


No first down penalties, please, or at least not on our very first play of the game, dadgummit!


Pittman is getting ready for heavy warfare, Bully Ball. It looks to be our best chance to control the clock, but score. The more he can keep it away from Ole Miss the better. We have a stable full of running backs ready to roll. KJ can throw over the top when Ole Miss decides to crowd the LOS.

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Be who we were before Georgia game, play hard, smart and relentless on defense and confident on offense. WPS


I totally agree with this. The formula is to run on them…and score touchdowns once in the red zone. Otherwise we have a problem.

I will also say this. Ole Miss…along with everyone else we will play…will keep daring us to throw. KJ is going to have to hit some key throws early to 1) keep the chains moving against a stacked box, and 2) get them to play more honest…

I know we know that. I know they know that. It boils down to execution in a hostile environment…early. We can’t fall behind by more than 7-10 points or we will be “Ground control to Major Tom” in trouble.

I like this - very likly the game plan

Run to keep the ball out if Cornell’s hands

Watch ole miss open with a four man front and Burks gets highlights

This happens Ark wins most games than not

I think it’s their year, Ole Miss. Some times in close games that can go either way, it’s like a law of averages. For example, A&M beating us 9 years in a row – we were way past due for that victory. Probably should have split most of those games with them in the past 9 years.

As for us and Ole Miss recently, there’s that year in Oxford of the Hunter heave – and then two years later when we were down like 35-7 or something like that and came back to win.

This game, other than Alabama, has been a big focus for Kiffin and Corral. It’s going to be really tough for Arkansas.

If we drop this game, I hope we fight to the end and keep it close. Then if we do lose two in a row, I hope it does not hurt our confidence and morale – a win against Auburn would cure it.

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I think Arkansas needs a win in Oxford For upward trends in team confidence and team branding

A loss - the tram will regroup and they have had a good season

A great season they win Saturday

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No reason why we can’t win this Saturday. Have a confident, steady offense that
keeps the ball on a consistent basis.
Corral has to have the ball to score.
Every time our defense stops them will be considered a major victory.
Then KJ can again lead his troops!
CSP said a mighty statement early on that’s so true. Can’t quote verbatim but the gist was how vital being “mentally tough” was if you want to be victorious .It may not be easy but it is attainable.

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