Ole Miss BKB players

I wonder how the six players kneeling during the national anthem today will be handled by Davis and the school admin?

Saw that. It will indeed be interesting to seen Coach Davis and the Ole Miss admin handle things.

As far as I know, this was the first time for the Rebel players to do that this season.

https://slate.com/culture/2019/02/ole-m … rally.html

https://sports.yahoo.com/ole-miss-playe … 31664.html

So much for Coach Davis & his team respecting the Flag.

Unless they were playing Dixie and hoisting the stars and bars pre-game, kneeling doesn’t make much sense in this case. You’re going to insult 90% of your fans because a bunch of knuckle draggers are marching on your campus?

Looks to me what the players did was a pretty brave act. I hope the school stands behind them and supports their right to free speech. They were attempting to draw attention to the earlier racist rallies on campus and it appears they did just that.

I will champion anyone right to free speech, even if its something that upon hearing it or seeing it would make my blood boil. That’s the definition of free speech to me. That being said, I have to ask this question. It’s one thing when you represent yourself while making a free speech gesture, but in a situation where you are not just yourself, but in fact you are the face of a larger organization at a function for that organization that can effect that organizations ability to generate funding, how can you balance that? At that point you are not just exercising your free speech right, but also including your organization with you as well for what ever your advocating. If you had cleared it previously with the organization then its all fine and dandy, but if not then your putting them in a spot that may not represent the image they want to show.

By all means, demonstrate or advocate to your hearts content when its just your time and yourself that your are implicating. When you are on the company dime and company time, then you tow the line or you should expect repercussions.

Just my opinion, which I’m sure some will agree, and some will disagree. Ain’t free speech wonderful.

Well said, and I think in this case it’s a community that needs to express their right to free speech and make a statement since the actions protested happened on the streets it should be protested their and if BB players or any of the school’s athletes want to join in with the community (if practical & possible) to express their views alongside them its justified. But a few BB players trying to make a statement at a venue that basically had nothing to do with or was a part of it initially isn’t a show of solidarity in my opinion.
Time and place for everything. Sports venues are a place to put those things & feelings aside and show sportsmanship and unity.

While it’s their right to kneel I think the hate groups should not be allowed to exist in this country. I’m just against kneel downs.

Davis comments after the game.

I’ve asked this question a million times but never gotten a good answer IMO, but here goea

Why do we play the National Anthem hundreds of thousands times a year? As I understand the British only play God Save the Queen when the queen is present and other countries play theirs only on special occasions. But we play it for midget football up to pro sports and virtually constantly.


I accept that but does it not dilute the meaning of the Anthem itself? I am in the minority I am sure, but I would play it less then we do. I recognize it is our National most important Symbol.

Probably right. But change it now and then it may create more of a stir in some polically motivated way.

I agree it would not be a good idea to change things now.

There is no notoriety if any of these guys protest individually. None. Protesting as here — in a team context — draws far more attention to the cause. They were desperate to find a way to call out the idiot, utterly foolish racists and did. Made national news and we are talking about it. The flag and this country can endure a lot. To me, what these young men did was the essence of what that flag stands for. If you ask each of them, I bet they respect our military folks and so on. Good Americans, I bet. I tend to focus more on the cause they champion rather than the method they employed. I’m also glad to see Ole Miss supported them.

I have asked the same question before. Anthem should only be played at international events when USA is competing against other nation or nations.

Kneeling has never been about disrespecting the flag or the military. I hear people complain about the “Snowflakes” that everything in the world offends them but kneeling during the anthem is somehow the worst thing anyone can do?

Like many, I find kneeling during the National Anthem horribly offensive, however I find the prospect if limiting the protestors right to free speech even more so.

I may not agree and I may feel it is an affront to all who serve and have served but that doesn’t give us a right to tell them they cannot so it.

The first amendment is quite clear. It applies, even if we don’t like it.

Juat my all so humble and unpopular opinion.

It’s important to know there can not be a double standard here…Just like what the team is doing reflects on the company or school in this matter; likewise every decision the school makes or doesn’t make reflects on the student athlete; with that being said, if the school has a right to make a decision without consulting with the student athlete first than that same right is reserved for the young men!.. That’s why it’s important for all parties involved to be on one accord or on one understanding, because as the old proverb goes “a house divided against itself can not stand” so if the school doesn’t agree with the actions the young men have taken they very well must agree to disagree because speaking directly against the young men is not a winning situation… I’m a firm believer in condemning the act and not the actor though a certain deed maybe something I don’t agree with nor condone if I don’t leave room for a person to atone then I’m only adding fuel to the fire.

“I know some very good people with some very bad ideas,” (Antonin Scalia)

If you have more of a problem with these young men kneeling peacefully than you do the racist hate mongers running around on their campus that says a whole lot about you as a person.

If they wouldn’t have knelt there would never have been a post about these idiots on campus.