Ole Miss beats Auburn in game 1

Hogs 14-10
Ole Miss. 14-11

Hogs need to win this Texas A& M series.
I’m rootin for Auburn.

We mostly need a split. If either team sweeps, we have to sweep to stay ahead. Of course, since OM won the first game it’s the only team that can sweep, so now AU has to win at least one of the two remaining games. I assume Mize pitched for AU last night. If so, that makes it tough for them. If they saved him to stay on a Friday night pitch routine, I like their chances tonight.

OM plays Alabama next week, so I think I’d rather have AU win both remaining games. AU hosts LSU next week.

If we’re going to win the west, we probably need to win at least 4 of our remaining 6 games. I hate the thought of having to sweep A&M, but it will be hard to win 2 at UGA. We’ve struggled too much on the road to expect that & UGA is better than at least half the teams we’ve played on the road.

Mize pitches tonight. Davis Daniel started for Auburn last night. He had not pitched since mid-April.

I thought Mize would be on the mound tonight for Auburn.
Matt what is your opinion of how many games the hogs need to win to hold on to the SEC west lead!

It’s hard to say because there are so many teams in contention. The focus is on Ole Miss and Auburn, but Texas A&M and LSU are two games back. The only way to guarantee the division championship is to sweep the next two series. Even a 5-1 finish might put Arkansas in a tie with Ole Miss, which holds the tiebreaker.

If Arkansas wins this weekend, that eliminates the Aggies from contention.