Ole Miss Bears Missouri

Ole Miss opened up and took Missouri to the wood shed! Missouri looked tired in the second half.

While Ole Miss shots wouldn’t fall at BWA, they were cooking today,

Yes their shots were falling! Missouri just looked tired and wore out! Tillman don’t have a dominant game either. This might be the right time to beat Missouri. Missouri played like our hogs in our first matchup last night.

If the hogs could have shot 4% better in the Missouri and Tennessee games those would have been wins.

Winning on the road in the SEC is tough; unless the home team’s best big man just had surgery.

Ole Miss looked to be much quicker. Was that Missouri playing “tired?” Maybe so. I hope they are tired again Saturday. Perhaps they were just coming off too much celebration after some good wins. Nolan called it reading their press clippings. Saban calls it “taking the rat poison.”

I can’t “bear” another loss to Mizzou.

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