Ole Miss Bans Itself from Bowl Games for 2017!

http://www.espn.com/college-football/st … n-ban-2017

Another article indicates Ole Miss was also charged with lack of institutional control in addition to the 21 football violations.

http://www.clarionledger.com/story/spor … /98265962/

You also get to listen to Bucky’s spin.

More information from Fox Sport’s Stewart Mandel; he thinks Freeze will not survive this NCAA investigation and tells you why.

http://www.foxsports.com/college-footba … els-022217

Ole Miss should get hammered. Then… Auburn.

They want freeze’s head. Ole miss has peeved the wrong people off, the NCAA. From what I read the NCAA wants a 2 year bowl ban and coach suspension plus more scholarship reductions.

They can impose and scream about injustice all they want, but a bowl ban for 2017 isn’t going to pay the NCAA bag man. A position the Rebels have a lot of experience paying.

imposing a bowl ban when they won’t have a winning record is kinda of funny…let the NCAA tell them when the post season ban will be enforced…just saying…hope they get hammered good. :smiley:

I’m just so upset about what’s happening to Ole Miss…NOT.

Freeze and the AD have vowed to fight the allegation of “Lack of Institutional Control” but have also claimed they knew nothing about what a couple of assistant coaches were doing by paying players. That is the definition of Lack of Institutional Control.

Most of you know my wish for Ole Miss and it seems to be coming true.

As taught by MalvernHog’s Aunt Shorty: Go to Hell, Ole Miss, Go to Hell!

Amen to that. The ole miss fans I know are in shock and denial but it is finally sinking in. I hear it might get much worse.

My guess is the NCAA will accept the bowl ban as part of a two-year postseason ban and pull three scholarships for a few years. I don’t think Hugh Freeze will be suspended, but I don’t think he’ll coach past this coming season. Whether that’s his decision or the university’s, we’ll see.

Goes along with [color=#FF4000]“We don’t give a damn bout the whole state of tx we’re from AR”[/color]

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We’re from Arkansas
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