Ole Miss at Arkansas Super Regional game 3


OM trying to load up those RH batters right off the bat trying to get off to a fast start…Hope Wicklander is on! needs to get out of the 1st safely.

Are the hogs the home team today?


That’s nice! Let’s hope we don’t have to bat bottom 9!

Is it a good omen that their pitcher Hoglund is pitching to us in Hogland?

Your on fire today :slight_smile:

Well HBP is the first run of the day for the rebels! Tough start.

Hes not real sharp at all getting hit hard just what we didnt need! Could have been worse but he better get it together or we’re going to be in trouble

The pitch I was talking about in the other thread, was the 3rd strike on the 1st strikeout Wicklander got. That exact spot. It was called a strike against a righty. Waiting to see him throw it on a lefty.

Freshmen jitters. 2nd inning bottom of the order, should calm him down. Especially if we get some runs here

Swing the bat!!!

3 up 3 down but a couple of balls hit pretty well

If you throw that same pitch to a lefty it better be in under the hands or it’s bound for the pond in right field!

Well it sucks to see EZell take 2 strikes then swims at ball down he can’t handle.
The. To see Martin hit the ball out front off the end of the bat and not let it get deep.
The. The long fly out to straight away center by Goodheart. Net 0!
Then we hit the 9 hole hitter on an 0-2 pitch. Ho hum start!

Have I mentioned today that I hate ole miss?

Another hit batter on 0-2 count :evil: got shafted on that 3rd strike!!! Wild pitch!! Unreal!!! 2 freshman gave us exactly 2 innngs! Have put the bullpen in a huge hole

2 and two-thirds, but the point remains.

Whats the score?

Only gave up 1 very fortunate…now let’s go up there to swing the bat and get after this guy!!