Ole Miss At Arkansas game 3

ACC has good pitching too. I doubt he’s going to be sitting I just hope he gets in a groove at the right time

Now if that’s the Jackson Wiggins that would throw every time we would be incredibly hard to beat on Sundays.

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Very nice control that top half for Jackson.

He has been known to settle in after rough starts before. Last week of course was too bad to give him that chance. But we need to score some runs today.

Softball run-ruled the Poultry 8-0. Which means they are SEC champions. Again.

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Yes but it seems like he always allows the lead off man in a game to get on base.

Well, here we are again. Two on and one out. What will we do?

Come on Webb do your thing here

strike out twice

I swear this team just cannot get off to a good start. I don’t know what our numbers are as far as scoring in the first two or three innings but it’s got to be way down there low

we are so horrible at clutch hitting

Not quite, but same results.

DP by the worst team in the league for turning DP’s. Just our luck.

Hit into an inning ending double play! The hogs have 3 hits and 0 runs while Ole Miss has 1 hit and one free base with the lead off walk and 1 run! Not winning base ball.

Yeah hitting 200 with runners in scoring position only ahead of Kentucky in the SEC.

On top of that Webb tried to pull a pitch that he should have drive to the alley in RF!

Just terrible control. 1-2 count and ends up walking Bench. Wow.
Elko is on deck!

If the Hogs would stop trying to gorilla every at bat, they might do a better job of hitting.

Okay Diggs show the rest of these guys how to hit this guy… get us going here

Just take the pitch where it thrown. Going to the opposite field works.

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