Ole Miss At Arkansas game 3

It’s 66 baseball degrees at beautiful Baum-Walker Stadium. :boar::baseball: #WPS #ThisIsBaseball

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Lets get this party started soon.



This is a huge game for the Hogs…


Relax big guy,deep breath in and let er rip tater chip!!

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Interested to see if the “MO” carries forward.

I’m hoping the hogs can win big today and get on a roll! It’s nice to see Diggs in the lineup today.

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Wiggins needs to set the tone,go out and throw strikes and dominate and let us start getting to their guy who has over 6+ ERA,great arm but prone to the long ball

He doesn’t have control yet!


that’s why you don’t BB lead off guy,behind once again

The base on balls stinks and pitching to Elko don’t make any sense.
Not only that why give him anything to hit!

I guess we can consider that improvement by Wiggins

But it’s still a gift run

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If Wiggins could control his pitches at all, he’d be All-American. Most of those balls weren’t close to the plate. The score came off the WP putting the runner on 2nd.

Slavens took a strike that you can hit them swings at a pitch up! I just don’t understand.

I have seen very few pitchers have good control with straight over the top delivery,it’s just not natural.

No it’s not! Lanzilli looks lost at the plate. I wish he would have gotten the bunt down.

I wish we would get the lanzilli from 2019 or 20 or whatever it was he hit 347 and 16 bombs he’s got 5 for us

That wasn’t against SEC pitching. I would sit him!