Ole Miss at Arkansas game 2

It’s 73 baseball degrees at beautiful Baum-Walker Stadium. :boar::baseball: #WPS #ThisIsBaseball

The pitcher


I hope someone is warm and ready in bull pen!


Great pic!!

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Yes, it is!!

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You got to catch that ball Lanzilli.
One more step and you would have had it!!!

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That’s what I thought. I can’t believe he didn’t give more effort on that fly ball.

There going to be video of that first pitch.

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Good to see him get out of that first inning

Come on Hogs!! Let’s jump on these guys early and often!

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As KP pointed out, Lanzilli was playing way deep because of the wind. On a normal night that’s a can of corn, but tonight he couldn’t get there.

Now that’s how you jump on the first pitch!!! BOOM FOR SLAVENS!!


Boom. Needed that. Nice swing Brady

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Boom!! Way to go Brady way to jump on that first pitch


Shoulder high fastball going to hit that about one time out of 10

Another way high and outside strikeout. Argh

Thank you!! Abt time!!

Yes you do that the pitches will change I believe in our favor as they want be to comfortable throwing a strike first pitch.

Lot of pitches in the middle of the plate so far for Smith probably won’t be the last one to go out… Base hit and a walk follows that better get somebody warmed up