Ole Miss @ Arkansas

I just watched the news and it looks like colder weather again this weekend and rain for part of the state. Why can’t get get some good baseball weather!

I guess it depends on your definition of “good weather.” I thought the weather was fine for the Missouri series and for most of the Louisiana Tech series.

It’s springtime in the Midwest. Rain and drastic temperature swings are the norm for the next six weeks.

I thought this was a good enough headline to add some commentary about the upcoming series.

It looks to me like a pairing of two comparable teams, which means a likely 2-1 series result. Similar team batting average. Similar Slugging Percentage. Similar On Base Percentage. Two big differences of note: Ole Miss averages about a run a game more, while team ERA is over 1/2 run a game delta benefiting the Hogs.

To be clear, I’d be pleased with two Hog wins.

In our team comparisons each series, I always note the strength of schedule in hopes that it gives some perspective to the ERA, batting average, etc. Arkansas’ SOS right now is 16th nationally; Ole Miss’ is 67th.

Ole Miss isn’t as good as last year but they are scrappy! Get the win Friday and anything can happen from there.
Dillard for Ole Miss is struggling I just hope he can stays dormant one more weekend.
I hated the way the hogs lost to them last year and hope we can at least win this series or get the sweep!

I want a sweep, period. I’ll be somewhat satisfied with a 2-1 split in our favor, but at home against a team I loathe, I really want a sweep. Since a sweep against us is possible & since a 1-2 split against us is a bit more possible, yeah, I suppose I’d take a 2-1 if offered it right now. Still, I really want to sweep them. Badly. I hate Ole Miss. Seems like there’s a Bible verse that says it’s absolutely okay to hate Ole Miss.

I’d take a 2-1 series win every weekend…I don’t care who it is. That’s a 20-10 SEC record and most likely SEC Champions. Although I don’t believe any team will have 20 SEC wins this year. 17-13 will likely be the SEC Champions record. Maybe Vandy can get to 20 since they play in a weaker SEC East.

Oh, if I thought we’d go 2-1 every weekend, I’d take it, too. However, that’s not likely. It’s only slightly more likely than going 2-1 or 3-0 every weekend. But we’re not talking about every weekend. We’re talking about this weekend at home. A sweep gets us to 8-1 on the season with only 7 series left to play. That gives us a nice cushion if we go on the road & go 1-2 or worse two or three times. It means we’d only have to win 11 of the remaining 21 games to get to 20 wins and an almost certain SEC title & national NCAA seed. I don’t really expect to sweep–that’s awfully hard to do against a good SEC foe, even at home, but think how nice it’d be to get it. If we can’t sweep, well certainly a 2-1 split is next best. After that, we can start worrying about the next series. At least that’s my belief.

ESPNU shows the game starts at 8pm. Is this correct? Really late start.


ESPNU shows the game starts at 8pm. Is this correct? Really late start.

[/quote]9:00 pm Eastern…later.

That’s what listed on everything I’ve seen!