Ole Miss @ Arkansas game 3

Well in the first inning a weak score on a
0-2 pitch out over the plate and leading off the second inning Scroggins give up a homer ball. He needs to find it quick.

He is absolutely nothing. Ole Miss just seems to have our number it’s unbelievable.

There ya go. That’s how you lose ball games right there… Kenley has nowhere near the speed to steal on that guy with a cannon he has… should have bunted Opitz get the run home.

My thoughts too! Stupid running last night cost too! DVH needs to use the stop watch and throw it away! It anoint working.

Why do we keep swinging at balls over our head! More free outs! It is hard to watch us Play Ole Miss.
I’m also tired of the darn walks! 5 already.

Finally a break! Thank you! Just hate we had to get a double play to get the run though.new game now though…

Agree, but we dodged a bullet on the DP ball they bobbled just earlier in the inning. Regardless, it seems like breaks have gone against us today. Fletcher has an HR if that ball is about 1 inch higher.

We need to stop putting their leadoff batter on base. Quit issuing walks.

My Gosh stinking leadoff walk… and a hanging breaking ball for a double! It’s just not meant for us to beat this team it’s unbelievable. And then a bloop hit to get 2 runs…offense better wake up we’re going to lose yet another series to these turds.

I’m tired of the darn walks! Get his rear end out of the game. Pitiful. 2 walks! 2 hits and he ain’t fooling anybody.

Glad we started the season with 6 wins. All of a sudden we’re looking like a team that could slide back into the SEC standings with the teams we play in the next few series.

Wicklander is obviously much better starting the game then bring him in.sad we cannot ever have a left-hander out of the bullpen that’s worth a crap. At least it’s been awhile since we have

Boom that a boy Casey!!

Finally, Casey gets the HR with a runner on. Back to a tie. We badly need to win this game. So much difference between a 7-2 & a 6-3 record, especially when 2 of the series are at home.

But they just brought in the great equalizer now a left-handed pitcher… be real curious to see how we do against him. Great job of hitting Fletch we got very lucky on the bed throw! Thank you OM

Good to have the lead, but it’s gonna take 2-3 more runs to win this game, I’m afraid.

And a four-pitch walk to start off the inning and then a base hit our bullpen today has been awful!! Base hit ties the game nobody out how in the world can you look so great when weekend like he did last week and this week he looks absolutely pathetic typical OM for us …smh

You just can’t give lead off walks half of the time. Period. Kopps didn’t have his best stuff today. Not in the the next inning.

Pitching just sucks today. We might have to score 8-10 runs to win.

Why do we not try to hold the runners at second better!!! we have been horrible at that all year long and it’s probably going to cost us two runs this time. There is no way you can allow them to do that.

The same can be said for catching pop ups. The darn walks have killed us today.
Pitching has been poor at best.