Ole Miss @ Arkansas game 2

What a catch to get the 3rd out by Franklin.
That was huge.

We’re leaving too many stranded. We had a chance to jump on them in the first & nothing came of it. Now we’re down 0-1 in the 3rd. Need to get our bat going. Conner isn’t looking especially sharp.

Two on, no outs…no runs. Gotta be able to get that bunt down…but didn’t. The Hogs flat out lost a run there by not executing. The Rebs, however, turned a very nice double play – they executed. Let’s see if Noland can over come a totally bad 2nd inning.

we are not executing should be up 2-1 ,you have to get the ball out of the infield with runner on 3r and only 1 out and you have to be able to bunt runners over,Ezell usually comes through LH pitching just gives this team some problems.

That a boy Jack!!! And Franklin!

you would think we would be expecting a curveball this guy he’s only struck out everybody with it yet we just stand there and take it and it’s not like they’re down there all up in the zone.

DVH needs to show these young men the tape of this game. That was poor execution on offense. We should have won! Can’t get down a bunt! Run and get caught stealing and the next batter walks.
Sometimes it’s best to play it safe with the common behind the plate. Optiz had no chance.
Noland just got u lucky again.