Ole Miss and the ncca Insiders


I love the mess they are in. HDN’s lawsuit is very helpful in creating more doubt about the future at OM. We make gains in recruiting even if the NCAA goes light, because this is going to last for a while. HDN’s lawsuit is going to help force the NCAA’s hand in some ways, because the vast majority of the allegations are all on Freeze.

Houston’s attorney can subpoena any of that recruiting class (2016) they want to at any time. So this is not only a distraction for Bucky, it could be a huge distraction for the players worried about if they are going to get called to testify over what went down. It opens up a huge hornets nest. Obviously, there will be a list of reporters that get called to testify as well.

I detest Ole Miss and I hope they get hammered back to obscurity where they belong.

Maybe this is Houston’s way of repaying the UA for taking our money & going straight to Ole Miss. Might even cost OM a win or two down the road. Kudos Houston.

The cost can’t be measured…Their recruiting will suffer for YEARS to COME!.. Hee heee!!!

You know, this lawsuit filing has a negative aspect for Houston, too. If you are bringing a claim for defamation, then your entire character is a relevant thing in discovery and at trial. So I would imagine that there will be some discovery about some of the supposedly unsavory stuff reported about Houston towards the end of his career here. I think you probably know what I’m talking about. I’m sure his lawyers went through that with him and they calculated this is still worth pursuing. I do see where Houston perhaps could have been damaged by Ole Miss. Defamation cases are hard to win, though.

That’s especially true for public figures. But that probably won’t mean as much in this case since this is a former employer whose accusations are making life tough for Nutt to find gainful employment. You are right, though, that it’s a risk for both sides.

Crap for Nutt and crap for OM, both are so deserving of whatever crap comes their way.


about the OM situation…

http://www.nola.com/lsu/index.ssf/2017/ … iring.html

No additional sanctions &

Freeze will stay

Highly unlikely on both counts. Nobody gets away with only the self-imposed sanctions. And the specific charges against Bucky will have to be addressed. May just be a suspension for a few games, as Larry Brown and other basketball coaches got, or it could be show-cause which would get him fired.

doubtful. Nutt’s lawsuit sheds more light on the lies and misdirection used by the OM admin. The NCAA was already pissed but now they have some public embarrassment showing OM disrespect and lies to the NCAA.

I’m doubtful the HDN suit will play any part in the punishment rendered by the NCAA. This is setting up to be a wide open free-for-all!.. We all know how Nolan NEVER recovered after the NCAA unjustly came after him… The NCAA can see that most of the charges are based on the testimony of 2 MSU players granted immunity. I think every court of law allows the accused to confront the accusers and OM was not granted that opportunity. If the NCAA makes the sanctions tougher on Bucky & Co., I believe we may actually see a member institution sue the NCAA… I can’t wait…get your popcorn and sit back!!!

Disagree and here’s why. NCAA does not have subpoena power. They have to wait for people to come forward like those two Moo U players. But Nutt’s lawyers can compel testimony from people who didn’t talk to the NCAA. And once it’s on the record in court, NCAA can then get access to that information. It ain’t good news for the Rebnecks, put it that way.

Disagree and here’s why. NCAA does not have subpoena power. They have to wait for people to come forward like those two Moo U players. But Nutt’s lawyers can compel testimony from people who didn’t talk to the NCAA. And once it’s on the record in court, NCAA can then get access to that information. It ain’t good news for the Rebnecks, put it that way.

That hammer swings both ways… In a civil hearing, OM can cross examine the snitches and when it is determined there is a lack of credibility on the part of both, the NCAA will have to discount their testimony. Student Athlete 39’s testimony has been proven to be without merit.

The danger for the Ole Miss people is not so much about smoking guns showing an attempt by the defendants to make HDN the patsy. Barring some fairly stupid e-mails or bad deposition preparation by the defense that probably won’t happen. The danger lies in the discovery process that will take place pre-trial. It is going to be very hard to keep a lot of unflattering and possibly program-damaging evidence from being discovered and finding its way to the outside world.

The known allegations against Ole Miss, and a lot of rumors, etc. not currently in the NCAA case, are so intertwined with the issues in the case that it is very likely that the judge is going to allow HDN’s lawyers to discover a great deal of information, including documents and deposition testimony. For example, HDN is probably entitled to find out details about what happened with recruiting/paying players after he left, as that is mixed up with the question of whether most of the blame lies with HDN and his staff, or elsewhere. You can find out a lot of information in the discovery process that would not be admissible at trial, so the net can be cast pretty wide.

A lot will depend on how hard HDN’s lawyers want to dig, how much the judge will let them dig. and what kind of orders the judge is willing to issue to keep information from being given to the outside world. Any one who is not a defendant in the lawsuit and gets a subpoena to provide records or testify is probably going to lawyer up if they think they have anything to lose(jobs, money, NCAA wins, eligibility) so I would not be surprised if there are lots of hearings about who has to testify/what they have to testify about/what kind of documents have to be turned over.

I’m curious, what are the known allegations? The David Saunders stuff occurred during HDN’s tenure. One recruit was allowed to hunt on a booster’s land during a recruiting visit during the Freeze timeframe. The Tunsil allegations were found to be without merit. I think the media has destroyed their program for many years to come, but I don’t think the allegations, specifically the ones involving Bucky, hold much water. I liken this to the tobacco settlement. The tobacco companies just wanted to avoid the “death penalty”. They knew that no matter the fine, they could raise the price of cigs from $1.50/pack to $5.00/pack and everyone would keep smoking and they could pay the fine. OM appears to be saying, “Give us the fines, the penalties, the bowl ban, just let us get back to recruiting”… Otherwise, I believe the OM administration would’ve already fired the Buckster.

Well, all the allegations in the NCAA notice would be known quantities regarding the alleged wrongdoing of the program. For purposes of the lawsuit(and I have not read the Complaint for the gory details), the Ole Miss response and press releases/interviews etc. in support of the response which(allegedly) defamed HDN are the initial focus, though I am sure meetings, phone calls and e-mails between the defendants and others about the investigation will be scrutinized.

From there, the discovery process could go off on any number of tangents. HDN’s lawyers are not getting paid to do the NCAA’s job, but they will be looking for any tidbit that either helps prove their case or gives them leverage at a mediation. So there is some potential for new stuff to emerge in the months ahead.

The defendants will be aiming to get out of the case as soon as possible without a trial via a motion for summary judgment- which in this case will likely be based on HDN being unable to prove one or more of the elements of defamation as a matter of law. Defamation cases are hard for plaintiffs to win, so the defendants will probably have a pretty strong motion for summary judgment.

However, a motion for summary judgment probably won’t even be filed until some, if not almost all, of the discovery process is completed. So this case is probably going to be grinding along into next year barring settlement or some other dramatic event. If it goes to trial, the trial might not happen until the fall of 2018 or later.