Ole Miss and the ncca Insiders

I was at a golf tournament where some Ole Miss fans were playing. Of course I had to bring up the NCCA mess they are in. They said they did not think they would get any more than what they have already put on themselves. Also, that Coach Fress would not have to go. They also said that Miss State was going to get into trouble. I said Ole MISS WOULD get hit hard, and Fress was gone. They did not take that well. Until NCAA makes their ruling, no one really knows. What do you think? Do any of you insiders have any opinion or any info that you could share?

All that cheating and they STILL could not beat the hogs!!

With the NCAA, you never know until it happens, but all indications are that Bucky Freeze will get hit. Ole Miss doubled down on him by claiming most of the violations dated back to the HDN regime (which was a total crock). When you’re facing lack of institutional control charges, which OM is, the main person who should have been exercising that control is the head coach. And there are specific charges against Freeze himself of failure to monitor – that he didn’t keep track of what his underlings were doing. Ole Miss faces 15 Level I violations; Level I is the worst kind of cheatin’. I have not found any other NCAA cases where there were that many Level I’s involved.

Basically, Freeze is gonna get clobbered because of NCAA Rule

[quote]“A head coach is presumed to be responsible for the actions of all the staff members who report, directly or indirectly, to the head coach. The head coach will be held accountable for violations in the program unless he or she can rebut the presumption of responsibility.”

They’re gonna have a hard time rebutting that presumption of responsibility. At the least, an in-season suspension like some basketball coaches have received. At worst, a show-cause, which would essentially get him fired. Ole Miss has already self-imposed penalties. Everyone I’ve seen discussing the case is unanimous that the NCAA will add more penalties to that. So the Rebneck fans who think it won’t get any worse are just kidding themselves. Will Moo U get hit too? Always a possibility.

The question, Swine, is how much longer this is going to go on? I keep expecting any day now the Rebels are going to get news of the NCAA’s final ruling. This is the problem with the NCAA–investigations go on way too long. It may be unfair for the violating institution (I don’t sympathize with them), but it is extremely unfair to the innocent athletes who were not involved (I’m not talking about those who took the money; we know not all student-athletes were on the take). It’s even difficult for the disillusioned fans. Quit hanging this over their heads and lower the boom. Get it over with for the sake of getting it over with.

It’s gonna drag out into 2018, almost certainly. The NCAA will probably lower the boom this summer or fall; the Rebnecks will appeal unless by some miracle the NCAA goes easy. Any suspension of Bucky or increase on the self-imposed sanctions will be appealed…
All of which is OK with me. The longer this drags out, the longer it will take OM to recover from the damage.

The Ole Miss fans are delusional…15 Level One violations will probably mean a show cause or at minimum a long suspension for Freeze. They should lose at least 30 scholarships. Southern Cal lost 30 for violations on Reggie Bush alone. Academic Fraud and paying players are serious offenses. The NCAA cannot afford to let them off easy. They will nail the Rebels. I don’t think they have any choice. This may be the worst case of cheating since SMU was handed down the death penalty.

Swine is right on about Freeze. He is responsible for all that happens while he is a coach, per NCAA rules. He claims he didn’t know all this sordid mess was happening around him. Even if Ole Miss fans believe this highly unlikely story…it doesn’t matter. He is responsible per the NCAA rules.

It is the thought of anyone who has studied the NCAA and measured its penalties against these type of violations that Ole Miss is dreaming if it believes its self-imposed sanctions will be enough. The Rebels are more than likely facing the loss of many more scholarships, a show cause for Freeze and also another year of no bowls. They are kidding themselves if they think they are out of the woods.

By most accounts the top Ole Miss boosters love Freeze. The school has gone along with their thoughts about keeping Freeze so far. But when the new sanctions are added and there is a show cause penalty against their coach, I believe the school will probably have to cut the cord and go it without him. That’s what most believe is going to happen.

Freeze has done a great job of convincing the boosters that he is clean. They love them. He’s tight with the big money at Ole Miss. He’s worked them and they think he’s both a good coach and a good person. It’s kind of stinky if you ask me. The school knows better but is hesitant to pull the trigger and jeopardize so much booster money until it has no other choice. That choice will be there for them soon.

Clearly, the Ole Miss brass is walking a tight rope. They can fire Freeze to appease the NCAA and risk a huge backlash from their own boosters. Or, they wait it out hoping that everyone is wrong and the NCAA accepts their self imposed sanctions and moves on.

At this point, I think it’s looking very bad for Ole Miss and Freeze. They have not helped themselves with their fight and defense of what is obviously a huge scandal. It sure appears like the NCAA has got them and knows it.

As Clay said, “It’s kind of stinky if you ask me.” It does indeed smell to high heaven. It would be very wrong if the NCAA doesn’t hammer the “Rebnecks”. (BTW Jeff, that’s another great name that you’ve come up with and pretty darned accurate.)

So what is the timeline of what will probably happen next for OM?

How the NCAA handles the Baylor situation will give insight on the Ole Miss issues. The comment on MSU is alive and well and also linked to what happens to Ole Miss. Having seen Bama and Auburn do this dance many times before the Hawgs joined the SEC , I am a little more inclined to see it play out than state the oblivious. I would remind everyone that Freeze was the unanimous choice to replace Nutt by a hand picked group. Archie Manning was very involved in this group\process which was a big change from his prior involvements on coaching searches—all this said to say the Ole Miss boosters are all in on Freeze at the highest levels.

I disagree. There is no NCAA prohibition against what happened at Baylor. As despicable as the behavior was, the NCAA is basically toothless. The Penn State situation was closer to Baylor’s, but some of those sanctions were over the top and I believe lifted.

However, all of the Ole Miss problems are violations of NCAA rules. They will get slammed.

The NCAA Committee on Infractions will meet and make a decision. That’s likely to happen this fall. Ole Miss could accept their findings, which as noted above are likely to go beyond the self-imposed penalties, and it would be over. But all indications are that to placate their boosters, they’ll go to the wall to fight the charges and particularly to challenge the findings that implicate Bucky. Which means an appeal. And it gets dragged out some more.

In the past, schools that fought the NCAA instead of taking their whuppin’ were treated more harshly. But we have three prime examples now of schools fighting back: OM, the Louisville basketball mess involving strippers and prostitutes, and the academic shenanigans at North Carolina. If I had to guess, I’d say UNC will skate, Louisville less so, and the Rebnecks will get nuked.

Agree. The Baylor and Penn State situations involve a violation of moral ethics that go beyond sports. The Ole Miss situation involves violations of clearly written rules in the recruitment of high school athletes. They simply cheated and got caught. From what I understand, the number of major violations they have exceeds anything since SMU. I doubt they get the Death Penalty, but they are going to get hammered.

They organized boosters to contact prospects around the country, who were in many cases under 18, to provide monetary incentives to visit and sign. I don’t think Bucky organized the whole thing, but he darn sure knows how it works.

There’s not much doubt that Freeze deserves to get hit hard. Even if you’re an Ole Miss booster who believes he didn’t do anything wrong, you have to admit that he should have known what was going on. Of course, they blame Nutt, but he knew. He had to know. It’s hard to feel sorry for him. If the NCAA was willing to punish a blue blood like USC the way they did, then Ole Miss doesn’t stand much of a chance.

Hammer…meet OM

My guess is that with the NCAA punishment looming, Ole Miss will be distracted and have another down year. If Hugh Freeze goes two straight years without a bowl game, he’ll probably be gone regardless of what the NCAA finds on him.

There are more lawsuits now. A licensed OM clothing store filed a “defamation” lawsuit against the 2 MSU snitches that were granted immunity for their testimony vs. OM. When they testified, OM was not permitted the opportunity to “cross examine” by the NCAA. In this civil suit, both snitches will be forced to submit to depositions and if it is determined they lied, the NCAA will be forced to discount any allegations they made vs OM.
That’s my understanding of the current state of affairs… OM fans are convinced the self imposed penalties were harsher than they should’ve been, but we’ll see.

What did OM do? I know they are charged with the most severe crime of all, Lack of Institutional Control, but what are they guilty of doing? I think a booster took one kid on a hunting trip. David Saunders, an assistant for CHDN, is alleged to have assisted some kids on their ACT, but I think those charges against him while he was at Lafayette were purged/removed. Tunsil’s step-dad alleges some meals were purchased for their family.

The two other schools that had what I would think are similar situations are SMU football from the 1980s and Louisville basketball from current, where recruiting infractions were at the core of the allegations. In both cases, the NCAA came down hard, with a complete suspension of football for one year on SMU followed by a year with no home games (which led SMU to cancel that season and their football program entirely). I think the answer is going to take some time given the plethora of lawsuits that seem to be occurring. I don’t know whether the NCAA wants to make a ruling that could be seen as confirming or denying a position of one of the subjects in a lawsuit. But, when the dust does settle, the head coach and the school will be hit hard, probably on the order of what happened at Louisville more than at SMU.

Having said all that, talk to many top recruits from the 1960s (my generation) and you’ll hear all kind of stories about what they were offered for their commitment; often jobs, sex and money.

It is getting more entertaining by the day.

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