Ole Miss and Bama picked as the

CBS game for 2:30. I would guess Arkansas- LSU seems likely for the 6 pm ESPN game.

LOL. Scratch that. LSU game just announced as a 11 am game.

elliswho is much tougher under the stars when they’re home.
I’d say an 11:00 kick-off would give bammer a slight edge.

Cannot remember the last night game against an SEC team. We should demand a night game against Ole Miss.

Uh, it’s the Arkansas-LSU game that will start at 11. And that’s in Fayetteville. But it might be the early game of the CBS doubleheader (the other possibility is Misery-Evil Mustard Empire).

A&M game last month was a night game. Of course it was also in JerryWorld. Last SEC night home game was Ole Miss at WMS in '18. Last one in RRS was Auburn in '17.

So much for a reasonable game time. Bring on the truckload of TV money to spread around the various high-status positions. Sorry but the changes over the past 25 years do not equate to a great amount of increased of value for the average player or fan.

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He’s referring to the Hogs/LSU game at 11:00 AM, not BAMA/LSU. I’d prefer 2:30 or 6:00 on SEC channel to ESPN or CBS at 11:00. Now, I’ve got to get up at 5AM to leave at 6 in order assure being parked by 10. The last 11am game, I was stuck on Razorback rd - exit 60 for an hour.

Last SEC night home game was in 2020 against Tennessee.

Yeah that would have been a perfect time for us to have a night game but no… screwed again… stinking 11:00 kickoff Richard you know how hard it is for us to get kids out of state in for those games…

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Yeah when nobody could come LOL whoopty whoopty whoopty doo :rage:

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Oh, I know. I was just stating we have had an SEC night game at home since 2017.

Thanks. I caught myself looking at the schedule each year but overlooked that one.

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