Ole Miss about to sweep AU

Sucks. The Rebnecks are leading 6-3 & still batting in B8. Means we must win tomorrow to maintain a 1 game lead in the west. Then we have to win as many games at UGA as they do against Bama. Win 1 less, we tie & they have the tie-breaker. Win 2 less they win it.

I hate Ole Miss.

yep so unless we get some miraculous help form Bama we have to win the rest of our games

There’s no pressure on Bama and they will be playing Ole Miss at home. I think they can at least win one. I’m hoping for 2.
After watching Georgia some this weekend I’d say it very hard to predict how our series with them will go next week!

Lets not get too far ahead yet… we still have to get that 3rd game from Tam
tomorrow before we even begin to think about Georgia. Lose tomorrow and
it will all be a moot point, because then even if we win out, they can win out
and take the tie breaker. Tomorrow is very important! I knew I should never
try to count on Auburn to help when we need it. They got swept.

If we lose the West it will because of our sweep by MS State… MS State would rather eat dirt from a land fill than hand Ole Miss the title.

Bama playing great in LSU ahead 6-1 in the 8th and should have won last night…so you never know.