Old Tony Larussa is doing a masterful job

What Tony has done with the White Sox this season so far is amazing. The Sox have been without 2 of their 4 best everyday players this whole season, in Eloy Jimenez and Robert. Somehow he has them tied for the best record in MLB at this point of the season. I thought hiring Tony, at his age was a ridiculous mistake by the Sox management. Thanks, Tony for showing me how wrong I was!

They announced that Jimenez has now been cleared to start his return in the minors. Robert will be at least another 2 months as they just placed him on the 60 day IR.

On a Razorback note, Keuchel pitched a gem last night with 7 innings of shut out ball against the Rays, the team with the 2nd best record in baseball. Keuchel started the season very slow, but has got it together the last 6 weeks or so. He’s now won 5 in a row.

Keuchel’s record is now 6-1.

I laughed when people panned his hiring. He has been a great manager across 4 decades and is an absolute grinder.

But the game somehow passed him by in the 10 years after he won it all in 2011 with a team that overachieved?

Even though he spent much of the decade since in the game in front offices? With a loaded pitching staff and roster in a very winnable division?

I thought he would do well, and he has, even after losing some keys players.

He’s a great manager and always has been.

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