Old Timers - remember when it seemed Dallas Cowboy leadership (Landry, etc) had been there forever?

Growing up a Dallas Cowboys fan in the 60’s and 70’s, one of the comforting things was the stability of ownership, management and coaching. After all, ALL of the key components (Clint Murchison, Tex Schramm, Gil Brandt and Tom Landry) had been in place since Day 1. It seemed like they had been there forever.

Then, along came Jerry and Jimmy and a whirlwind of change. Whether one supported the change - or not - everyone pretty much agreed that it was an odd feeling for a Cowboy fan that the “old guard” was not in control any more.

Well - guess what? we’re getting very close to the time when Jerry’s group will have been in ownership/control as long as the original group was!

According to my research, Dallas was awarded an NFL franchise on Jan 28, 1960, and the original group controlled it until Jerry purchased the team on Feb 25, 1989 - 29 years and 28 days. That means that Jerry will match the former group’s tenure as owner on March 25th, 2018. (Bum Bright actually purchased the team from Murchison in May 1984, but Bright made no changes to the management team).

If you were around for the vitriol Jerry endured his first few months as owner, you also remember that few gave him much of a chance to be around for 5 years, let alone 29. Just goes to show you how fast time DOES fly - whether you’re having “fun” (i.e., “winning”) or not.

I hope to celebrate that with a very good record and a berth in the Super Bowl in Atlanta in 2019.

Don’t think we’ll be there in 2018 in Minneapolis.

My late cousin lived in Dallas for years. She was a rabid fan of the Cowboys and had season tickets for years. When Jerry fired Tom Landry, she was done. I don’t think that she even watched their games on TV after that.

There were a LOT of people like that in 1989. Most of them came back when Dallas won 3 of 4 Super Bowls, but not all. From time to time, I still run into one of them who - like your cousin - never came back into the fold.

Of course these days, with the long period since those Super Bowls, you also have a lot of fans who cheered wildly at those wins who will today tell you they left when Jerry came. They tolerated and rationalized supporting him with success, but are tired of the long dry spell.

One of my best friends from college (OBU 1980) was from Ft Worth and he and his brother were devoted Cowboys fans. When Landry was fired they took it very personally. To this day they hate Jerry Jones and the Cowboys. My friend’s career took him to Washington DC, and he became a Redskins fan… of course the most hated team (back then) of Cowboys fans. I never discussed it with him because it clearly hurt him, but it struck me at the time as odd that they wouldn’t expect a new owner to come in and hire his own people. Having read WizardofhOgz’ post, I see now that they had a change in ownership with no change in real direction of the team. As I recall, Landry’s teams had been mediocre by his own standards for a few years.