Old Timer

I am one of the above. Saw my first HOG game in 1963 at War Memorial, and if memory serves, it was against Okie Lite… I’ve been Blessed to have seen, at least, one game in person thru 2018. Moved to Florida in a December of 2019…

In my all my years, the pure disgust that held for Texas was palatable. I used to say that Hall High (Orange Unis) could show up in place of Texas, and we’d fold like a (one egg puddin)!! And, I WOULD literally spit saying Texass!!! So watching this week end’s complete domination of that bunch of cowboy hat/boot wearing “tea sippers” made this ole man’s heart, skip a beat!!! I will temper my expectations as we’ve been so far down for so long; an overnight turnaround isn’t and shouldn’t be expected. But CSP is THE MAN for our beloved Hogs, and we will see the Promised Land!!


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