Old School Game

That was a classic defensive struggle that hung on line play. Of course they all do, but not as obviously. Each team scored only one touchdown and both were following the chaos of sack escapes. The LSU defense completely lost Johnson slipping out of the backfield, an egregious error, for which they paid hugely. The Razorbacks got beat downfield honestly, with a TE on a smaller defensive back, who was cleared out by a shove and called for pass interference (maybe that part wasn’t totally honest). I can’t fail to mention the fake FG. Cajones! Flawless execution. In overtime, the best case is to get a turnover when you have the ball second, especially if your kicker is among the best. Check and checkmate. A win at LSU at night by any means possible is a good win. Got to say, with that talent, Orgeron deserves to be fired. It would be great if a couple of those defensive linemen hit the portal or outright transferred and thought playing for Sam would be a good thing (yes, it would).


Yes - this was much more the type of game I grew up with and fell in love with than the - literally - basketball scores you so often see in the College game today. Florida beats Samford 70 to 52?

Don’t get me wrong…I enjoy big offensive plays. But I also enjoy good defense, and - to me - that doesn’t JUST mean getting the ball back and keeping the other team from scoring on one or two series. It means field position and imposing your will on the other team’s offense, something you rarely see anymore (Georgia this year is an exception). It’s almost as if college football has turned into tennis, where if you fail to “hold serve” (i.e, score) on every possession, you feel as though you’ve put yourself in a hole.

Yes, I know why this has happened…to expand from the true football fans to pull in the marginal ones who would be watching a movie or a concert, or streaming some other content instead of watching the game, those in power have adjusted virtually every rule in favor of offensive fireworks. But that doesn’t change the fact that I wish it hadn’t gone so far.

I still love the game…just…perhaps…not quite as much as I once did. Time was, a 13 play, 78 yard TD drive was a major statement in a game. Today, if you DON’T score just about every time, you’re in trouble.

Not trying to be a “Debbie Downer” following a very nice win. Just reacting to the OP.

To your point, I looked up a couple of stats. The 1992 Alabama NC team, coached by Gene Stallings averaged 28 points per game. The 2020 NC team averaged 48 points per game. That 92 team had one heck of a defense. They shut out 3 teams that year and had another 5 that managed 10 points per less.

Agree Wiz. I love a good defensive battle. The '64 teams favorite score was 17 - 0 shutting out the back half of the schedule. They did give up 7 to NE, but got 10 themselves.

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