Old Miss vacates 33 wins per NCAA....

which is bs. They should have had to forfeit those games. These are between 2012-2016. They were docked 13 scholarships, but had already docked themselves 5, so they only had to really give up 7-8 additional scholarships for paying players, academic fraud and a bunch of other charges. That is why they could sign more than we did. What a sad situation for the schools that, at least, try to do right.

NCAA is a joke.

:oops: yawn!

Open season for bag men. Who cares? Not the NCAA.

I don’t think you will ever see forfeits again. Too bad. I’m not sure why they made the change from forfeits to vacating wins; it doesn’t make any sense. If Ole Miss cheated, or if Ohio State played six people in the Sugar Bowl who shouldn’t have played, they should forfeit.

Got to be nice these days.
Forfeit is such a harsh word!

I also have a problem with you did not lose you just did not win or tie.

It’s based on the same reasoning everyone gets a trophy for showing up once they have been talked down from their safe zone.

Well, here’s one for the books. My grandson is in the 2nd grade here in Fayetteville. I noticed on the refrigerator he had a some schoolwork and it had a red “3” on it. I asked my daughter what the red 3 meant. She said Dad, they are only grading with a 1, 2 or 3 now. I don’t know if that is just grade school or what…surely it is, but I guess a 3 is the new A and a 1 is the new F.

F is such a brutal letter…I wish we would expunge it from the alphabet…it is just too fierce… :lol:

Around here, they are giving kids in the first grade computers. Eventually people will have no idea what 8X8 is until they punch a keyboard. This actually happened to me. I was in a large department store and the power went off as I was next in line at the cash register. The cashier said, power is out, I cannot use the register. I asked if she could open the drawer manually and she said “yes, but how would I know what change to give you?” I looked at her and realized she was serious.
I walked out.

We are in the midst of the most ignorant generation in our country’s history! All at the same time our politicians are spending more time dealing with illegal immigrants than worrying about American jobs flying out of this country like a bad habit. Chicken will be shiped to China to be packaged and shipped back. What a deal!
We have sold off almost everything in the U. S. Including the ground. Stupidity at an all time high! Last night a reporter in Little Rock was interviewing an illegal immigrant that was upset over the state legislature working a legislation dealing with illegal immigrants. What a joke. Arrest them and send their rear ends back where they came from.

I have long contended that if we fine anyone who hires an illegal say, $10,000 per employee, there would be few illegals.
Around here, half of the workers building houses are apparently illegals. I say if no one hires them, they will stay home.
But I think America is in a lot of trouble.

This thread quickly deteriorated from NCAA to politics. Locking it before it goes any farther.