Old HI gang

So who is here from the old HI boards?

daBoar, here. There are five members and four guests online as I type.

Go Hogs!

I think initially almost everyone here will be held over from the old board.

Been here long time and sticking around. Got to get my dem Gazette password from my daughter in Austin… don’t ask.


Profile says I’ve been here since 2002, but I swear I remember being on the Board in the 90’s. When did Hawgs Illustrated get started? Anybody remember?

Same for me. I’m sure I was here during the 90’s. Wasn’t it called something else early on? I remember being a member before there was a premium board.

Neastarkie here. I’m a monthly subscriber to both the ADG & HI. Does the higher subscription to one now include both?

I’m here. Been here a long time, and staying here.

[quote]Profile says I’ve been here since 2002, but I swear I remember being on the Board in the 90’s. When did Hawgs Illustrated get started? Anybody remember?

The membership stats relate to when Clay joined Scout.com in the first place, which of course is ending today. I was on the board before that as well. The magazine started in 1994, I believe, just in time for the NC. Don’t remember exactly when the boards started, but it was obviously some time after that, then the membership stats began when Clay joined Scout. I remember debating whether Danny Ford needed to be fired on the HI board, and that was in 1997.

NEASTARKIE, it appears that $33.95 a month will get both.

Yes, you will only have to pay one rate now. If you have questions about your subscription, please email me with the link below:


It’s difficult for us to merge the stats with the new site. FYI, Hawgs Illustrated began in April of 1992. So this is our 25th year. The on-line version started around 1997. It really kicked in around 1999. It was a free site then, and it converted to a premium site a few years later.

I lost my posting numbers a few years ago when I switched from chenry to clayhenry as a poster. Sorry, but we couldn’t transfer our posting numbers.

Good to see all the regulars…
Not going to say “old”. :slight_smile:

Im here!

What is up everyone? Checking in.

On here with a new name, but the same old wore out fart.

Premium board started in 2001. I didn’t think it was scout until about 3 or 4 years ago. FOX was in there before that. Or maybe fox bought scout 3 or 4 years ago and that’s when it started to suck.

Fuzzyhog has made it over here from Marshall, TX. My main question is that I used to pay $ 100 for the Hi printed magazine and the online message board as a combo deal. Will I be paying $ ____ for the printed magazine and how much for this online message board $ ____?

I know I’ve been on one version or another since 98 or 99.

One of my favorite memories was one day posting to Otis Kirk that things were boring around here and did he have any “juicy recruiting gossip”. He posted that there was a mystery recruit on campus, but he couldn’t give out the name.

The board went into a veritable frenzy with people making all kinds of wild guesses. He finally spilled the beans that it was LaDainian Tomlinson’s little brother, who was a minor recruit considering walking on, and a lot of people got upset (not me). Made for an interesting day with Otis taking on all comers one by one.

Things were a lot saltier with Otis on the scene (who I like by the way).