Old frustrations on a slow Saturday...

Our insiders are giving us a steady diet of great practice info, coaches are generous with time and quotes, which is great. We keep hearing from players, as well. All seem to indicate that the team has trained harder, run more, stretched more than under the prior regime. They are hitting more in practice, going “good on good” in practice, the CCM is not afraid to enjoy players practicing so hard that they even tussle some. He was disappointed that it didn’t rain MORE, to see how the team would react!

Is there any doubt that he will have 2-a-days as much as is allowed? and that he’ll be praying for 110 degree weather?

I love this stuff, as it just has to have our team physically and mentally more prepared to play good football.

Then I think back to CBB practices-I only watched the Red-White games in person, and they were so pitifully boring that I actually didn’t go last year, just no sense in watching our 1’s roll over the backups, then a FG kickoff, then throw to ball to a news anchorwoman/mascot. My kids were always BEGGING to leave in the second qtr.

He also didn’t have 2-a days as much as he could have. didn’t measure 40 times or run the kids as much.

And when MIssouri trash talked the stink out of us, we went up their and rolled over like an inbred Cocker Spaniel.

We couldn’t finish off any games. Talked a big talk, carried a tiny stick, didn’t walk the walk, all that stuff.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence. I do think that we have better players than our record showed last year. I really wholeheartedly believe that “coaching matters”, tremendously. I really believe that we’ll be a much better team this fall. I think 7-5 is a probability and 8-4 a possibility.

I haven’t bet on athletics in about 20 years, but if Vegas has our season W-L total under 7, them I’m gonna lay down some money, like DD on a hot-streak at Oaklawn, lol


NCAA has eliminated 2-a-days. That happened last year.

Haven’t seen any season totals yet, but Sportsbook has us at 600/1 to win the national championship. Same odds for Vandy, EOEk, and Kentucky. bama is the first choice at 9/4.

It’s not a won/loss projection, but Bill Connelly, who is pretty well regarded writing about the analytics of college football, has come out with a ranking projection of FBS from top to bottom for the 2018 season. He has us 52nd, based on three components: Recruiting in recent classes (we’re 42nd there), returning production (72nd) and weighted 5-year history (32nd). That’s 11th in the SEC. The three below us: Jelly, Vandy and EOE. He has Bama #2, tOSU #1. Since Vandy is the only one of those three we play, I guess you could extrapolate that he expects us to go 1-7 in the league. Six of his SEC top 7 are in the West (which tells me automatically that he has the Rebnecks way, way overrated, probably due to the players Bucky bought).

I don’t get why we always just believe that our players are better just because we like them and know them better than other teams’ players. Our recruiting rankings in the last forever have been in the bottom tier of the SEC. We’ve had sub-par coaching resulting in poor player development. We’ve replaced the coaching so there’s hope for the future, but the players are still the players. Don’t get me wrong, I love them… but we’ve got to get past this homie mentality. We need to face reality until we can upgrade our talent and depth.

I’m very disillusioned

I like the coach hope he does well - bit all we are hearing sounds like - looks like Groundhog Day

I’m hoping Coach Morris can win - and win big -

I’m now In self protection mode

I want to see improvement in the win loss record before I reinvest the energy

Maybe my childhood of 21 straight victories ruined me

I expect Arkansas to be a national player and a competitor vs Texas, BAMA, Auburn or LSU -

Instead All I’ve seen for years now is an Arkansas that has digresssed into being equal to Mizzou and MSU … that nothing to be excited or proud about.

(Please no lectures about being unrealistic - I’m not thinking Arkansas is A year in year our national title contender - but I believe Arkansas should win the SEC West 1 time out of every 4-5 years )

Being in level with MSU or Mizzou doesn’t inspire me to be excited or proud of Arkansas Football

So Coach Morris hell this old fan be proud of Arkansas again

We are coming off a six year stretch in which the program was “led” by an interim coach who seemingly had a nervous breakdown and acted weird the whole year and by an incompetent, lazy coach who cared more about hanging out with Justin Moore and being a reality TV star than winning. As a result we are now looking up at MSU and Missouri.

We are…bottom dwellers.

It took six years to dig this sink hole and it will take hard work, ingenuity, and a little luck to crawl out. Coach Morris deserves patience and support for the VERY hard road ahead.

Right now, that is unrealistic. Since Alabama wins the West 5 out of every 5 years, and Saban isn’t going anywhere, it’s not realistic at all. Right now I’d be very happy with what we had before Petrino hit the ditch – 9 or 10 wins, finish second or third in the West, go to a pretty good bowl, maybe a New Year’s Six (which did not exist yet in 2011).

Agree 100%

The record may change slightly under Morris but until we get a quality O-line with depth SEC wins will be at a premium… of all the failures surrounding CBB’s time on the Hill this is the most mind blowing and downright criminal with what he walked away with. Anderson couldn’t coach at the high school level.