OLB Aaron Brule high on Hogs

I asked him the highlights of the visit.

“Everything really, I grew up with most of the kids here. Getting to spend time with them again like I did back home. It’s really just like catching up with family.”

Visit help Arkansas?

“It really is, you can’t really beat it.”

Sounds great! ghg

More from Aaron.

“They stand pretty high, no final decision yet, but they will definitely be taken into consideration.”


Dude looks like the part dadgum

I love that jersey combo. We should definitely wear that next season.

One thing that really bothers me. The picture from Twitter posted above, if you went through the comments there was a lot of praise for the kid and WPS and then 2-3 older guys (based on profile pictures alone so take what you will from that) comment “hate the look” or “go back to the real uniform”… like seriously? It’s a kid that likes the alternate uniforms. I think criticisms should be reserved for the coaching staffs, not to kids who are considering our school.

Agreed, and it’s not like our unis are like the alternative jersey Florida had to wear this past year.
Those were ugly

Haha those were like a car crash. So terrible they were almost good… definitely attention grabbing

I think grown men shouldn’t be talking to teenage boys they don’t know on twitter/the internet as a general rule

A solid policy some need to adopt :slight_smile: