OL Silas Robinson flips to Arkansas from SMU... (story added)

He’s the second one to do this publicly today along with Magnolia, Texaas, WR Reggie Woods.

Robinson (6-4, 315) is a 3-star from Yoakum, Texas

Arkansas, SMU, Virginia, Army, New Mexico State and Rice among his offers

Story: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2017 … -smu-hogs/

Coaches kid too right?

Think he will play OL or DL?


Checking on position right now

It’s only a matter of time before the star chasers start freaking out.

Do either of these 2 have any major offers?

Welcome to the Hogs!

I think the star ratings are usually accurate, but if they Are wrong, they are more likely to be wrong with a lineman.

Getting 4 and 5 stars is critical, and evident in the CFP.

But there are some guys out there who are always under rated, some big time.

The ones we have listed. Woods has 17 offers, 8 of which are power 5, two of which are SEC ones in Arkansas and Vanderbilt

Didn’t BYU offer Robinson?

Looks like Woods is wanted by several spread teams - Ark, Wazzu, Texas Tech, Etc

Yes, story added. He father played at Texas and grandfather at OU.

I really can’t stand star chasers. Especially the 5 star chasers. Its not like there is only about 30 5 stars in each class lol.

Tony Bua didn’t have any hype following him through the recruiting process and he played with true guts and heart. That’s what we need!

Robinson has that true grits and want too. He is a maller for OG.

I am happy that this young man has made the commitment to our program, however, I remain perplexed here. Bielema added 26 young men with committable Alabama offers during his tenure. Many of our signees had multiple SEC and ACC offers. Now we are back to beating out the AAC and Conference USA teams for players. I hope that this works out. I realize the offense will completely change, but the likes of Alabama, LSU and Auburn are still gonna be 4-5 star laden teams.

Geez guys been on the job 4 days, maybe just maybe he see’s something that fits what he’s gonna do, maybe he can coach em up (seems last staff had a difficult time here ) let it play out

How’d all that recruiting work out for Bielema?

Morris has been here barely a week, he’s recruiting off of a horrible horrible season by bret.

Relax, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Bret just finished a destructive season for a recruiting class.

Virginia is a major last time I checked, Adam.


Pops approves.

I certainly hope so. I do know we have very little depth on the OL and DL and have watched numerous seasons in the SEC since 1992 and the lack of good lineman hurts you. The class itself is supposed to be sort of small. It appears that coach Morris is out looking for more wide receiver types. I agree they will fit his system. I do hope that his system will fit the SEC.