OL recruiting

The only way I can see Arkansas signing four O-lineman, if they some how can land Garrett Hayes and Brady Ward. I will happy if they land one of the two. Although I like Brady Ward better of the two.

IMO, Arkansas offensive line will the best line they have had since 2015. Arkansas must be able to run the ball on the goal line and run the ball when they have 4th and inches. I see SR Colton Jackson LT, SR Austin Capps LG, JR Ty Clary C, JR Myron Cunningham RG, Soph Dalton Wagner RT. Arkansas can run the ball with Capps and Cunningham on the inside.

I like Arkansas chances of winning seven or more games.

If Arkansas wins seven games, Morris is SEC coach of the year.

you are way higher on the OL than I am that’s for sure.I want to see them in action to be sure but I am thinking we could be worse than last yr but sure hope not.

Is it possible to get worse then last year? We won’t have the best OL in the SEC, but I truly believe we will be improved in all aspects this year. Including the OL.

If the Oline is worse than last year we may not have enough QB’s to withstand the onslaught. Having to beg Conner Noland to come back at some point, lol.

believe it or not yes… Capps IMO will not be as good as froholdt. Not sure about Wagner, Jackson will be the same player which has not been very good. If Cunningham does indeed play guard(i see him as an OT) which I’m not sure he will it’s a position he’s never played, Clenin and Clary in my opinion were not SEC OL last yr but hopefully they have improved and become ones this year… I want to see how they perform first before I make my decision but on paper it could be worse.

I value your OL opinion more than any on this board…BUT…I hope you are dead wrong with this.

Obviously we’ll miss Froholt, but last year’s line was poor to begin with and so injury plagued (including Jackson) all year that they couldn’t even field a 2 deep most of the year.

On top of that, Wallace and Gibson were clearly part of the “not buying in” group. that Mississippi State performance of theirs was beyond embarassing. I know if the coaches had had ANY options, they would have benched them forever after that. I get mad just thinking about it.

I think Jackson and Capps will be passable, not all SEC. Cunningham and Noah Gatlin and Davenport seem solid, but not all SEC. Several other options that need to improve to be solid, so should be able to have 7-8 decent players, with good attitudes.

Man, I would love to have confidence in a center, but we have the same guys as last year, so there has to be SOME improvement…but they could improve and still be pretty bad!


Capps is much better run blocker than Froholdt. Although Froholdt excell in pass blocking, he was very average when it came to run blocking.


If the Oline is indeed less than last year, they will struggle to win even 2 games and certainly not a SEC game. I did not think it was possible to be that bad. At least air does not get in the way or it cannot be picked up and thrown into your running backs.

This started out as recruiting Oline. I am a long ways from satisfied with the Oline recruiting so far. They have some decent guys coming, but “decent” does not get it in the SEC. You better have “great” 2 deep. Do we have any that are “great”?

It had better step way up and very soon.

totally disagree about Capps being a better run blocker,he needs experience in how to run block and that takes time especially against the DL of the SEC,he definently didn’t have it when i saw him last yr hopefully he has improved b/c we really need him.

Brother you have no idea how bad I hope I am wrong!! trust me!thats why I said I want to see us line up and play before I really can say how they will be b/c we will be in the 2nd yr of the system and should see improvement.I really would prefer us start Cunningham and Wagner and OT Capps at one OG and for C and the other OG is where I see a huge problem b/c IMO Clary is not an SEC OL and what I have seen of Clenin I don’t see him being physical enough to help the run game that much and one thing you were right about the performance of Wallace and Gipson in the last couple games made me want to Puke!! totally gave up so we will at least have guy in there that want to be in there…I will say this don’t be too surprised if you see Beaux Limmer get somebody’s job here this guy is a Beast!! and already 300 lbs and benching 400 lbs so physically he will be ready,I would love to see him at C so we will see…I am glad FB is almost here and we will be able to see how we are going to do rather than talking about it…also thank you for the kind words,i appreciate it.

The group in the spring worked better than the group in the fall.

That’s an undervalued factor.