OL recruiting question

Dudley and Richard, I am thrilled with this recruiting class. It is nothing short of amazing, considering how horrible our year has gone.

However, the most glaring need on this team right now is, IMO, the o-line. I know y’all have said we will surely sign two more. We have 3 commits, plus a preferred walk-on. 1) How good do you feel that the two juco kids we have read about sign, and 2) if one or both don’t, who are we also after?

We need immediate help there. This o-line, with the exception of HF (who played as hard and as well as he could surrounded by chaos), is the worst I have ever seen wear the Hog helmet. We don’t change that, nothing good next year can happen.

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Thanks Richard.

Thanks Richard.

No problem. Hard to keep up with all the posts. Lord knows I do.