OL recruiting has to improve

I am really liking the direction we are heading everywhere but the OL and IMO it will destroy everything we are doing unless it improves night and day…I really like Limmer for this yr and Winkel from last yr and maybe Robinson but we need to really make this a TOP priority to bring in some Stud OL,and hopefully we can because its behind what we are doing elsewhere.

Just what we were talking about on Football Board. It is so critical. Without it, you have no offense. Without a doubt, it is the key position to the offense and probably the whole team. Just a few years ago, I was calling us Oline U. Now we seem to be No line U and so far recruiting is not changing that much.

I see and read about all sorts of great players coming in for this or that. Where are the 4-5* Olinemen?

O-Line is no doubt our most glaring deficiency at this point. I can’t see where we will improve it much for the '19 recruiting class!

I’m not going to get worried until October.

I’ll wait until Dec. and Feb.

not worried I’m just stating that it’s lagging behind the other positions IMO.

my only hope is that the number of targets for those spots is larger than we have led to believe so that at the end of the day we land enough quality signees.

I don’t care where the signees are from as long as they can be developed into SEC quality OL. No more, no less.

Our biggest problem over the last several years has been not having enough irons in the fire so that when things shake out we are sitting ok with what comes our way.

I agree. I think they are doing well in all areas minus OL.

I think limmer is a solid pick up, he’s got a lot of room to grow and good athleticism.

But with Stone, I just don’t see it. He’s at one of the top schools in Alabama and doesn’t have that great of an offer list. I think his size is an odd fit for the system too.

Definitely they know more than me, but I think it’s ok to question it right now. Fry is struggling more than the other coaches getting recruits to buy in, we’ve missed on several now.

Arkansas has 9 commits.

Two of those - DE Zach Williams and QB K.J. Jefferson - are 4 stars in one recruiting service or the other while ther other are 3-stars

2 OL
2 WR
1 QB
2 DE
1 DB
1 DT

Now you can say you wish you had 4 of 5 stars at OL and other positions, but I guess I fail to see how it is lagging behind the other positions.

Is it because of the perception that Stacey Wilkins and Darius Thomas are going elsewhere?

Stone has Power 5 offers from Arkansas, Louisville and Purdue and at least 5 other Division I schools. So if you think Arkansas is making a mistake in offering him, you have to also think Bobby Petrino is as well.

Limmer has Power 5 offers from Arkansas, Oklahoma State, Baylor, Vanderbilt, Northwestern and numerous other D-I programs.

They have offered at least 15 OL that are still uncommitted - including the three junior college guys

just seems like their is more buzz around other positions to me. I am not that high on Stone but may be wrong.time will tell…I am not real sure Wilkins will come here either but I just know we have to get great players in the OL if we are ever going to take it to the next level…hopefully by Feb we will have several.


Hope Dudley knows something. Maybe another vacation.

Possibly because they were two of the first pledges in this class.

We have to find talent and develop them. And then supplement with an occasional stud. We won’t get enough 4 and 5 stars to stock our oline with studs year after year.

To think otherwise is delusional

Saw d Thomas is now trending arkansas on 24/7

He’s trending toward ole miss, pretty hard.

Ya the Ark picks are old. All the recent ones are for ole miss

I’ve called him a couple of times lately and he hasn’t called back.

That’s likely a bad sign when it comes to Arkansas.

Duke Manyweather, the current hot OL camp trainer. Has had a few spinoffs including NFL. OL can come seek out Duke and get the focus, training and follow the ways of plenty NFL’rs. Done in Dallas, so probably our staff is aware. Interestingly he also scouts:


google the dude and you can find quite a bit of evidence that he is a real deal for line play.