OL prospects

RD or DD, Great news about Mincey and hopefully Wren next but are there any OL guys to watch or that you’re feeling good about. Possible visits

Look for Sewell to take an official visit this fall, outside of that, I doubt we take another OL, numbers…

I know it might not be popular point of view… But I would love to see the hogs be able to find two or 3 more OLs from in this state.

I hope the kid from Lake Hamilton , Star City and Sercy all blow up and we can gray shirt or get walk ons to help with the numbers…

I am still one that thinks in State OLs will work their butts off… And it means more to those guys…

Also I remember the old Nebraska model when they had some of the best OLs in college football history and have of them were walk ons from in state…

Anyway my opinion.

We certainly have had very good OL’s in the past with 3 stars out of Arkansas as the foundation! +1 :smiley:

The Nebraska model doesn’t work any more because all of those “Walk-ons” were on “agriculture scholarships”. they would put a bunch of guys on those and then if one or two made it to the two deep they were a success story. NCAA does not allow that anymore.

I think this could very well be the way things end up. Arkansas really liked Will Burgess and was hoping to see him in camp until he hurt his foot. They really like Jax Gasaway, who has a preferred walkon offer now.

Curtis Dunlap is committed to Fla. but I’m sure they haven’t given up on him just yet.

FWIW, there could always be something pop up that’s not expected.

Case in point John Mincey