OL has lot of work to do

When I saw we were playing Georgia for the first game I cringed because I knew that this was the worst possible team to play to open up a brand new offense and two or three new starters on the OL.they are not only big but they are very fast and on top of that they are extremely well-coached…
We really did not play that poorly as the stats would look. There is nobody going to run the football on Georgia!!! NOBODY unless you are killing them with the pass like LSU did last year.LSU continually drilled them over the middle which made their linebackers drift back into pass coverage and allowed there to be some seems in the run gamebut they are the only one to have any success George give up 2 yards a carry last year.

Here is what I saw. Stromberg Limmer and Latham did not get overwhelmed they simply could not move NFL caliber DL. Wagner and Gatlin in my opinion are not SEC caliber OT at this time, neither one of them have the strength to set the edge. Cunningham did okay till the second half when he got tired or just had lapses in his technique, he got beat across his face at least twice and that is simply because he is not stepping up the field with his right foot to cut off the Gap that can be fixed.
I would like to see us run more counter Trey because we do have the athleticism to do a very good job with that play.
So all-in-all I think they did an adequate job considering who they were going up against I do remember Frank’s getting hit son but I do not recall him getting sacked which is pretty impressive. Briles going to have to come up with a different game plan where we are utilizing the middle of the field more because you give our athletes time to make a move when you throw to the sideline all the time you are eliminating 3/4 of the field… I saw some good things and a lot of things need to work on from the OL and I think we will look much better this week because we will have to if we have any chance to win.


Good comments. That’s about what I saw - interior held their own, but RT was overwhelmed by the speed/athleticism. LT (Cunningham) seemed to be “thinking too much” vs. knowing and just playing.

TE was not an asset. We are used to that. Henry looked out of it after his shoulder to the ribs on the dropped pass. Kern was one penalty away from being in the scorebook on a long TD, but he is not nearly fast enough to be a receiving option down the field, so he telegraphs a run play. Curious that Toll got on the field, maybe he gets more looks?

Henderson made an appearance in a “heavy” package but didn’t get a chance to show anything.

I was fearing worse, actually, so I am feeling good right now.

My personal opinion is that they put Henderson at right tackle and left him there and get comfortable( which they said he was not early in Camp) that he would be the perfect person for our right OT. He has the athleticism to be able to set the edge.I really don’t see Wagner or Gatlin being able to do it but time will tell.

very good comments

Spot on. Had the same observations. They’ve got to come up with something better for right tackle. Too bad we don’t have any cupcakes on this schedule because I believe this line could move some inferior opponents. Unfortunately there aren’t any.

Timing looked off to me? I watched but didn’t break as closely as some. I think that gets better with coaching and time.

Online has a whole is the most difficult to play. 5-6 must play as a complete unit. If one is off, it can mess the whole thing. Then, they had to do all of this against as good a front 7 as there is. Really makes for a long day

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All true, and the fact that they started essentially every drive at their own 5…just brutal!


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