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Looking at last year’s depth charts, recruits, and in some cases nothing but bio’s of the larger guys, I’d say we have 12-14 OL that might have a chance to make a major contribution and/or start this fall. LT MAY be the only position with a for-sure starter decided. One or two of those guys might need a Burlsworth-type effort surge to make an impact, but it could happen. I guess I always put too much emphasis on HT/WT but I hope we get a pre-spring and post -spring HT/WT listing of all of the players. Football measurables are usually more reliable than basketball, where the HS and college coaches always exaggerate some of the players by 1 to 3 inches. Football measurables are not without lies…40 times come to mind.

Here is an observation that may surprise you. Brady Latham will get a shot at RT in Spring practice. Latham played RT the second half against Missouri I believe.

That does surprise me…just assumed he would be one of the top candidates for LG. Where do you see Gatlin and Wagner if Lantham wins the RT spot? I think I still have the recording of the Missouri game…will check that.

This is going to be a VERY fun group to watch develop.

I have more questions than firm knowledge, but several of you know a lot more than I do, so let’s play with the starting OL

LT: I don’t think our coaches would have asked Cunningham to return if they didn’t expect him to start. Henderson could be the backup with plans to start the next 3 years?

LG: st Jean? Latham? Crawford?

C: stromberg seems like a lock here, LJones as backup, but what do I know

RG: see LG, who am I forgetting?

RT: Wagner is tall and I love his effort, but doesn’t seem athletic enough to beat top teams. Gatlin looked great pre-injury, and now can’t stay healthy. Can he recover and stay healthy? He has the attitude, but can his body keep up!

Fun discussion


Here is who I think will be Arkansas starting O-Line in 2021.

Left to right

Myron Cunningham LT, Marcus Henderson LG, Ricky Stromberg C, Ty Clary RG, Brady Latham RT.

Latham started all 10 games at LG and didn’t allow a sack in 2020.

Latham has two assets that cannot be taught, very quick feet and a burning in the gut to be the top dog.

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Latham also has a nasty streak. Sam has a history of moving guards to tackle. There is potential for that to happen. And it’s easier for a newbie to break in at guard.

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Limmer might be part of the guard discussion. Played well when healthy.

I have never been impressed with Clary, but seems all of the coaches like him so my opinion on him is without merit…he certainly has lots of starting experience. Same with Wagner…lots of experience. Limmer is said to be one of the strongest OL, so he might be the answer at RG. St. John’s size and bio make him sound reasonable for LG if Lantham moves to RT. Clenin, Winkel, Henderson, and several RS Fr all could step up and be factors this year. May come down to who has the Burlsworth work ethic! He was one of a kind, but maybe 1 or 2 others are close.

Go back and watch last year’s Auburn game and tell me what you think of Clary. He is a guard not a center.

Guess you are not addressing this comment to me, but I remember watching him “slow-snap” in more than one game…could not believe the coaches did not correct that in 2019…think he improved in 2020 for a game or two at center, but still not a bog fan (Of course, I have not seen one lousy nano-second of any practice.) A classmate of mine who never played a down of FB in his life even pointed out the slow snaps to me with no prompting.

My point is that he does well at guard. Your thoughts on the snap are dead on. He plays fast and physical at guard.

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I’ll take your opinion to heart and not worry if he gains a starting position at guard.

LT - Myron C
LG- Beaux Limmer/Luke Jones
OC- Ricky Stromberg
RG- Ty Clary
RT- Brady Latham

Those two SRs that came back will be catalyst in this programs physical OL turnaround.

At least we have several options for playing time. That some of the options have played in multiple SEC games is helpful This should be the best line since Pittman left for Georgia. If QB play is good, we have a shot to finish in the top half of the SEC. That’s a long way from “ Hammer down. Full tilt boogie”. This year’s team should get better as the season progresses. For the first time since Long fired Petrino, I believe that there are reasons to believe that we can compete every Saturday. We should play in bowls each year and I think that CSP is the right man to get us to that level and perhaps, we can be a contender every year.

I agree with all you said, rice

but man, our schedule is brutal. we will have to be much improved to get to 6-6 this year.

but whether we go bowling or not, I am so happy to have CSP as our leader, and he is clearly building a solid team. we are rapidly improving since the clown show left for Albarn. really hope we get a normal spring and summer of coaching/team development.


Latham is going to continue to get better. Love his effort and desire.

Clay, I don’t see Ray Curry mentioned often. He was a pretty big “get” out of Memphis. Any word on how he’s doing?

I will watch for Curry in spring workouts, if and when we get to watch. When I ask, I’m told he’s doing well.


It would be a surprise to see Beaux Limmer become a starter in 2021. Beaux must become better at pass protection to become a starter at Arkansas.

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