OL Connor Stroh to


Well I I really wanted him… kind of figured it’d be uphill battle though

The number of massive OL recruits is something else. You can’t have them all. We have more than our fair share, but I really wanted this one. Hate that he is headed to Austin.

We got a guy with a higher rating, so, I guess we’ll find out in a few years which one was better.

Yeah Brown is good, would have been great to get them both.

Nope, talking about Patterson being higher than Stroh.

Has he committed to us??

Not publicly.

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Well when he does I’ll be glad to have him.

Same here Youda - we are in on so many great recruits that whomever ends up joining the Razorbacks will likely turn out to be a very good OL


Gross……guessing Arch’s decision helped with his decision.

Money is a language the shorthorns understand.

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Lang and Patterson both are better prospects to me!

Lang can move them feet!

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