OL coach Brad Davis Mic'd up

sharp guy…looking forward to seeing how he transforms the OL

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Thanks Youda and you know more than most about OL’s for sure. But Brad sure seams to have a firm grip on what it takes. Plus being hand picked by another OL expert in CSP confirms we should have the right man to transform and build a quality OLine.
Don’t expect miracles right of the gate but it looks very promising for the near future.

Yeah it’s going to take 2-3 years for sure because you have to upgrade the talent first, then you have to mesh them all together into one cohesive unit.That’s what a lot of people don’t understand it takes time to create a great offensive line, but this guy sharp I can tell by listening to him

Yep gonna take a while to build a base of good Olineman. I’m a firm believer that is one position that needs a revolving door of redshirts being developed also.

Coach seems to know his business. I believe that Dustin Fry was a decent X’s & O’s type, but had too little talent and youth to build anything resembling a cohesive unit

I agree. and I also think he couldn’t keep his top five healthy enough to mesh very well, and the people we had to plug in were even less ready for prime time.

I agree about talent but never really saw us come off the ball with the correct pad level. Never really saw us drive our feet, pretty much trying to position block… we have to get much more physical and try to initiate the contact rather than take/catch the contact. You go back and look at when McFadden was here and watch how those offensive lines came off the ball, that’s what we have to get back to.

Cant wait to see again!!

I noticed the lack of foot drive as well. I know times have changed, but in the stone age when I played oline in high school moving your feet was one of the most important things. Maybe we should go back to pushing a sled. Maybe they still do that in practice but I’ve not seen it in what little parts of practice were videoed.

Amen, we have to become more physical and push some people around! WPS