OL challenges

Outside of The AL and AU defenses, which I don’t see how our OL can withstand, what other SEC defenses, do you see presents the biggest challenge for our OL, in our remaining schedule.

USCe, Bama, Auburn, E Car, MS, MSU, LSU, MO, Fayetteville JH and HS, and anyone else that can breath unless great improvements are made. So far, including a Div 1, and Sunbelt, they have yet to protect the OB. They ran a little against NMS, but was also stuffed several times and could not run it in from the 2 on something like 6 tries. That is not good Oline play.

It hasn’t shown it the past couple of games, but I think Mississippi State has the defensive front to cause problems on a given day. Jeffrey Simmons might be the best defensive tackle in the league, and Todd Grantham’s defenses are known for their aggressive blitzes.

No sacks ( I’m sure I read that somewhere) and over 200 yards on the ground against NMS is an improvement against a very good attacking def
Not quick but also pretty big in the middle